Why We Choose To Use Automational.com For All Our Clients

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The Battle of the CRMs

A “Battle” might be a strong word but if you have experienced the sales people of other big name companies, it kind of feels like are caught in-between the cross-fire of marketing agendas. Mostly they are good natured people who really believe in their product, but not every product is a good fit for every business. Our team here at Pullman Marketing has gone through provided training of almost all CRMs, marketing automation software packages, email marketing and sales software systems.

That being said, we are extremely excited to be an Automational.com Partner. We do still support clients on other platforms however, we really enjoy Automational.com the most.

Automational.com Overview

The all-in-one CRM & marketing automation platform 100% tailored for small business, just like yours.” Is their tag-line. Fairly generic in terms of CRM tag-lines but it definitely is true.

Core Features:

Customer Relationship Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Information Collection
  • Organization of contact records
  • Assign Tasks
Email Marketing
  • Included with everything else
  • Easy form editor
  • Easy email creator
  • Looks more professional than some competitors
Marketing Automation
  • Easy Drag-and-Drop interface
  • Automated form responses
  • Notifications for staff
  • Marketing based on Lead Scoring
  • Works with Zapier
  • Use the tools you already like
  • Don’t have to pay for expensive integrations like InfusionSoft/SalesForce

Some of these may sound pretty standard but you can save a lot of money. Several of our clients have paid for Infusionsoft based on promises related to integrations they thought were a part of the base package, only to learn that they have to pay $100+ extra for what they really need.


Automational’s pricing scales pretty nicely and took us by surprise. Their introductory price is $100/mo for all of their features, two users, 5,000 contacts, storage, onboarding sessions and more.

The scaling allows you to add more to individual feature items and doesn’t force you to pay for features you don’t need. Considering the intro price of $100/mo is cheaper than some equivalent email marketing platforms, this is an incredible price point.

Most other systems are 2.5x to 10x the monthly pricing of Automational. Because of this, we were skeptical about the product. We were skeptical and even a little rough around the edges with the sales rep asking rapid fire questions. Having gone into the ring with sales reps from other companies, we have gotten pretty use to the sales process. But the rep was honest about every inch of the software and only wanted Automational to work for us if it was a good fit. The sales rep actually cared about our business and did a great demo.

Update: They have actually helped create integrations and specific use cases for us as we help our companies and have acted like true partners with our company.

Pricing Example:

One of our clients did a lot of email marketing and had a list of over 5,000 contacts. That was more than the base package allowed in terms of contacts. Automational allows users to bump up the number of contacts up to 15,000 for only $10/mo more. The client is only paying for what they need at $110/mo. The other email marketing provider was charging $115/mo for just email.

Why we feel secure using it:

When we were looking into Automational, it felt like it might be a really new company and start-up. We are always leery about the “latest and greatest” technology that has not proven itself yet in the marketplace. We were overjoyed to find out that Automational is built by ClickDimensions. ClickDimensions is an Inc. 500 company that has been an award-winning Microsoft partner for years, ranked 227 on the Inc. 500, and is the highest-ranked email marketing solution provider. With the backing of ClickDimension, Automational is able to act as an agile company while having the support of an award-winning parent company.

Our favorite features:

Lead Scoring:

This is our favorite feature by far! Lead scoring allows us to track, via cookie, how a prospective customer uses your website. For each web page visit, form filled, email opened, and article they read, that prospect gets different amounts of points for each interaction. You can then understand if a customer is cold, warm or hot. You can then email appropriate information to that list. It allows you nearly perfect control over your segmentations and is even automated.

Drag-and-Drop Workflow

Every automated system has a different interface for building automations. Some are extremely powerful and fully featured. Salesforce and Infusionsoft have some of the most advanced features in the whole marketing space. The main problem with long-standing companies is that they are bloated and become difficult to use. Some interactions take up to six clicks just to take a look at a contact.

This is where we found Automational extremely refreshing

Automational’s automated marketing builder is admittedly a little similar to Infusionsoft’s, but a heck of a lot faster. No matter what browser we tested it in, Automational was faster to use, more responsive and was just plain more efficient.

The system is also pretty darn intuitive to use. All the menus on the left side get you exactly where you need to go within 1-2 clicks and does not require you to wait for a new screen to get into more contextual menus. Automational took a fresh approach to building the user interface and it paid off.

The builder itself allows us to appropriately tag contacts, notify your sales people that an interaction occurred, auto-response email programs, drip email campaigns, etc. These are core features but its so fast and easy to use, we are recommending it to all of our customers.

One of our core philosophies is that we do not want our clients to feel handicapped by software, technology or systems. With some training and education, we want our clients to feel empowered. We feel Automational is a solid, intuitive, and powerful system that we can in good conscious recommend to our clients for long-term building of their companies.


We’re more than happy to use any system, but if we can sway you in any form, go ahead and grab Automational.com its sincerely the best.

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