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My 5 favorite business organization solutions

We all try to be organized but here are some resources that may help you. Please read my previous blog posts about productivity to make the most of these business organization solutions.

Insightly CRM, A Business organization solution

#1 Insightly

Insightly is a fantastic Customer Relationship Management tool that can be your business organization solution. Being able to organize your projects, your teams and your clients/customers can make a huge difference in your day to day operations.

I used this for managing landscaping clients and my team members. It was easy for my team to log what they did at each house and keep everything pretty organized. It does cost a little bit of money at $7/mo but there is a free version. The Google Calendar sync though is absolutely worth the $7/m0.

Top features:

  • Calendar integration
  • Custom fields (for scaling your business)
  • Mass email integration with MailChimp
  • Linking your customer connections to your projects, organizations, and opportunities
  • Great website and droid/ios apps

#2 Zoho CRMZoho CRM a business organization solution

Similar to Insightly, ZOHO CRM has a free and a paid version. Its a pretty impressive piece of software and it can scale better than Insightly as far as going from a small 1-3 person business to a 500 person enterprise.

This is currently the CRM I use for Pullman Marketing and I’ve found it to be easy to integrate into my website and and be a little bit quicker on the fly for me with the same integrative features as Insightly. The problem with Zoho is that you do have to buy extra modules to get exactly what you want where as Insightly really has it all for you in one plan.

Using a calendar - Business Organizational Solution

#3 Your Calendar

your calendar can be the most powerful organization and productivity tool you can ever effectively use.For real? Yup 🙂


Add in your daily tasks and assign time to each one. Even schedule in your 15 minute breaks. Why? It gives you a sense of purpose during the day and keeps you accountable. You don’t have to fill it up completely if you don’t know what every day will bring. However, you can give a good estimate and this can help you make sure your working when your working and not have it encroach on your time at home with the family having set business hours.

One Note | Pullman Marketing | Organizing your business

#4 OneNote

OneNote is like a pad of paper that you can take everywhere with you and make sure you always have your notes. You can have it on all of your mobile devices, your desktop, tablet, any web browser.

If you have used Evernote, its pretty similar, but I find it a little bit more friendly on the mobile side. I even used it exclusively on my Nokia Lumia 810 at a conference and was able to later print everything from my desktop at home. Its definitely one of the better products out there and its mostly free via Office Web Apps and mobile apps.

Taskify | Pullman Marketing | Organizing your business#5 Taskify (Windows 8 App)

Windows 8 app? YUP!

Crazy enough, I am a fan of Windows 8 and even though the app market place is a bit small to some, the apps are of extremely high quality. Taskify is a great piece of software that helps with:

  •  To do lists with color-coding
  • Handy “due soon” and “overdue views”
  • Timely reminders so you never miss a deadline
  • Live Tile that gives you updates
  • Create unlimited number of lists and tasks in a single-page, beautiful UI
  • Re-order tasks and move them between lists

This software really helps and can be used in conjunction with your calendar. Its a free open-source task management system that you can use with other people or just by yourself to list out what you need to get done. 

But for listing and managing your tasks, it helps with the long-term and short-term gratification.


Any tools you like to use? Let me know! Hit up the comment section below or any social media avenue 🙂

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