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Using Instagram To Create A Custom Facebook Audience

Making the most of your Facebook and Instagram Advertising through Custom Audiences While audiences might be split between Instagram and Facebook, there is a way to use both for your business with Facebook’s new Custom Instagram Audience integration with Lookalike feature. The idea is to create a custom audience based

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Digital Marketing

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Yelp – Even Worse Than Google?

The Yelp Necessity Yelp is one of the most prominent free business review sites, but is it worth joining? In a short answer, yes. Yelp provides a free way to connect with customers, no upfront fees, and hidden downsides. It is a great tool that can be utilized to better

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Small Business

What is Value?

Value is one of the strangest concepts that we get to have as a society. We have many social constructs built upon the idea of “Value” and what is valuable. Our currency, homes, stocks, etc. are all built on this idea of “value.” There is also an idea that Value

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Tips for making a Social Media Marketing Budget

Developing a Social Media Marketing Budget doesn’t have to be expensive or tedious Budgeting or setting up budgets can be one of the most difficult things for small business owners. Often we figure if the revenue number is bigger than the expenses number then that mean our business is working. More experienced businesses might not always have to worry about that but complacency can set in and make it hard to allocate funds to something that might not be worth it.

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Ever need more information from a client or customer?

Want to make your meetings efficient? I meet with people all the time to talk about marketing and websites. The biggest things that come up are sometimes the least of priorities. Colors, images, types of images, etc. Its not necessarily a waste of time but it can cost your client a lot of money talking about those things when there is more needed at hand. To curve this I use a “Information Request” form. Any business and industry can use an information request form to get a basic understanding of what your client needs or wants. Just send it to them, have them fill it out, and send it back to you! Saves you time, saves your client time, and time is money! What if a potential client doesn’t fill it out? Well then you might have just weeded out a potentially problematic client. Attracting the right client is a

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Help small businesses in Pullman/Moscow Region

Helping Local Businesses What: As I look at the Palouse, Pullman, Moscow, Lewiston/Clarkston, I see a lot of potential in this region. I see a lot of new businesses trying to make it through, I see old businesses either thriving or dying. Even a few businesses I dont know how but stay in business without me ever seeing a single customer. Over the years Pullman/Moscow has had almost a transient community of business owners. This not only includes brick and mortar but also services. Services tend to be the healthier of the two but with revolving doors on general businesses, it can be difficult for service based companies to find work. I want to begin helping local businesses.

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