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Using Instagram To Create A Custom Facebook Audience

Making the most of your Facebook and Instagram Advertising through Custom Audiences While audiences might be split between Instagram and Facebook, there is a way to use both for your business with Facebook’s new Custom Instagram Audience integration with Lookalike feature. The idea is to create a custom audience based

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Digital Marketing

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Yelp – Even Worse Than Google?

The Yelp Necessity Yelp is one of the most prominent free business review sites, but is it worth joining? In a short answer, yes. Yelp provides a free way to connect with customers, no upfront fees, and hidden downsides. It is a great tool that can be utilized to better

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Small Business

What is Value?

Value is one of the strangest concepts that we get to have as a society. We have many social constructs built upon the idea of “Value” and what is valuable. Our currency, homes, stocks, etc. are all built on this idea of “value.” There is also an idea that Value

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Evaluating When You Need Marketing Company

When you start a business, and even if you’ve been in business for some time, sometimes the most fun part is making the creative materials, signs, poster cards, business cards, etc. It’s the experience that proves to ourselves and others that our business is real and legitimate. As a full service digital marketing company, designing logos, marketing collateral, branding and style guides, is one of our favorite parts of the process as well. We love to provide for our clients exactly what they need to reflect their business in a credible way. Over time we have noticed that in the excitement of business owners, some feel the need for marketing and promotions before the product or service is ready to sell. We want to reduce your anxiety and streamline your workflow by evaluating five reasons you might not need a marketing company after all. 1. There isn’t enough money in

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Is SnapChat Marketing Right for you?

Snapchat has been a bit of a underdog of social media and they chose to go that direction with an offer from Facebook in 2013 to buy them, they decided they wanted to continue building their platform and would eventually find advertising as their monitization strategy. As much as we love being on the cutting edge of technology, we only recommend platforms and strategies that we know can generate a return on investment for our clients. Even for our local area, 30,000 users are target-able in the 99163 zip code alone. Three things we are excited about with SnapChat 1. Experian connection So one of the three major credit bureaus has a connection inside of SnapChat allowing your advertising to target income levels, education, family makeup, and life events. These are accurate data points that are updated yearly and regularly. 2. Lifestyle choices We are able to target based on

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Twitter Ad Platform Support Reponse - Very Unhelpful

Why We Don’t Invest Ad Spend in the Twitter Advertising Platform

Currently, we have a collective 20+ years in social media advertising and marketing. We’ve worked organically before the ad platforms existed on Facebook and Twitter. It was crazy the techniques back then and we could organic audiences of 50K real followers within months. Times have changed, albeit probably for the better in most marketing scenarios, and now its a pay to play game in all of the social media platforms. Out of all of them, Twitter has been our least favorite and let me explain. Over the years in working with clients who have both fledgling and large followings (with solid engagement), we have failed to see a return on investment in advertising dollars. If multiple niches were to be presented with compelling case studies, we might be more interested. Twitter does present the following case studies: https://business.twitter.com/en/success-stories.html and in the Americas, they have boosted some sales and met “cost-per-acquisition

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Facebook Hack – Please Change Your Passwords

Facebook hacker accessed personal details for 29 million accounts Main Articles https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/facebook-hacker-accessed-personal-details-for-29-million-accounts/ar-BBOiuw7 https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2018/10/update-on-security-issue/ How This Impacts You Facebook’s recent breach allowed the “hacker” to access personal details of up to 29 million users. This is huge because you may be using Facebook Payments, have your credit card tied to your account, have personal photos hidden, among other sensitive data you have entrusted to the platform. Facebook also does have access to your cell phone, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. Although Facebook has not stated these platforms were breached, Facebook has not been forthcoming of this breach or previous ones so it is not safe to assume those accounts or your associated credit cards are safe. Action Steps: Change your passwords immediately: Facebook Messenger (if separate) Whatsapp Instagram Watch your credit cards for non-standard activity Use a fraud insurance service like Zanders or others to help cover yourself in case of

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SEO website firm agency

SEO Maintenance Checklist 2019

Not Just Maintenance, But a Lifestyle I know most people prefer checklists that are “instant-fixes” for their websites and marketing. You can sometimes do that, but only if its low hanging fruit, e.g. Getting your business listed on Google Maps, running a Facebook Ad on a legitimately good sale. SEO Checklists can be treated as “instant-fixes” but without a lifestyle of solid SEO practices, your business and website can suffer. Here is what you could (should) be doing on a quarterly basis to improve your SEO, but should do more often. SEO Maintenance Checklist Lifestyle 1. Always Research Your Keywords When we begin work with a company, we usually get the same anecdote that their SEO is fine. They say, “Whenever I type [business name] into Google, we’re the first result.” This is a huge false positive. A vanity metric of sorts. Ultimately, when I search, “[business service/product] near me,” the

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