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Every website, regardless of platform, requires updates, changes and maintenance. Not all maintenance is visual either. The Pullman Marketing team is trained to build and think in terms of Search Engine Optimization to help maximize the ROI of your website.

If your website is not actively generating revenue for your business, then work needs to be done immediately.

We start with a “Strategy First” mentality to help you gain every advantage possible in Google and Bing.

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Phase 2

Implementation and Optimization

Phase 3

Ongoing Support and Reporting


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Organic SEO:

Organic SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

 Some examples of techniques used for organic SEO include using keywords and keyword analysis, backlinking, and link building. Above all, writing content that is easy for humans to read, makes it easier for robots to read too.

Source: MOZ

Local SEO:

Local SEO is the practice of helping localized businesses get seen on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and the mapping features of search engines.

There are a lot of technical factors, directories and more that can impact your Local SEO ranking. At bare minimum we would love to help you get your Google My Business listing in order.

Source: MOZ

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How Long Does It Take?

The question we receive the most is, “how quickly will we see results from Search Engine Optimization?”

Some people say three months, some say six, some say twelve. There’s no easy answer. Every industry, keyword, and website is different. Assuming your technical SEO is done right, Google will crawl a new or updated page within 48 hours, but it can take a lot of time for Google to detect the user behavior of the page and begin to move it up or down the ranks.

So it may take up to three months, but we have seen results within a month before. 

“What gets measured gets done.”

We track and measure your analytics and compare it with other outside data for your industry to provide the best experience for your customers. We can only do that through following the process of our phases and ongoing support to provide the right strategy for your business.

Technical SEO Details

Website pages, regardless of platform, should load quickly for potential customers. Unnecessary code and excessively large images slow down the load time. Our team of SEO experts and web designers work closely together to ensure the greatest customer experience (and boosts SEO Ranking.)

All sites should have an HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap. Users can access the HTML sitemap, and it shows an organized list of links to the site’s main pages. In some cases, all site pages are in the HTML sitemap. The XML sitemap is strictly a list of URLs to let search engines know what pages exist on the site. These also must be submitted to Google and Bing respectively for indexing.

Your website should work just as well on mobile devices and tablets as it does on desktop computers. Google and Bing now use PageSpeed Insights and Mobile-Friendly Results to test and verify your website and impact your rankings.

The robots.txt and htaccess files contain some basic instructions for web browsers to use when loading your webpage, with their own set of best practices.

Each page should have unique content. If you have pages with the same title, for example, you’re confusing search engines as to which page it should consider ranking. Duplicate meta titles and H1 titles are a surprisingly common issue. 

This was a big update years ago and still holds true in the Google algorithm. 

Anytime a user clicks a link and doesn’t go to a page, that’s bad user experience, and search engines will ding you appropriately.

Our technical audit checks for 301s, 302s and 404s respectively to identify all redirects and missing pages linked on your site.

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While many reminence of “SEO Past,” our team holds years of experience and certifications to understand the ever changing environment of Google and Bing

Our SEO Audit is objective and we provide a road map for your website to improve its performance as part of our process.

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While many go for a shotgun marketing approach and social media “tricks,” our team holds years of experience and a passion for our customers  to understand the ever changing playing field.

Our Marketing Strategy Workshop is objective and we provide a road map for your business to identify your target audience, create a consistent brand identity and image, and tactics to improve your awareness, efficency and profitability.

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