Beginners guide to quality content generation

Taking the time to generate quality content

This is a partially inspired by a post on the Bing blog by Duanne Forrester discussing Link Building. Long story short, on the web a lot of people try to use links to build up search engine visibility. Now there are a lot of good kinds of links, like having your chamber of commerce and LinkedIn showing links to your website. Those are fantastic. Bad links are when you purchase 10,000 links to your website. that is known as a black hat technique. Bing and Google, if they notice it, will penalize your website and your traffic will drop severely.

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So how do you create solid content? Here are a few guidelines:

Duanne in his article explains that, good content will always win. That no matter the techniques, good content will help you rank higher than anything else. He has a great key phrase that I love, “Yes, it takes more work to produce winning content. Yes it’s more expensive. No one said running a business would be cheap and easy, though.”

1. Write about what you known:

As kids, we only talked about what we knew.  Things were simply then.  But as we get older, what we say becomes more complicated because the things around us become more complex.  We speculate, wonder and then things get messy.

Instead just simply write about what you know, your process, your logic, etc. If you are a baker, just simply write an article about the types of flour, and why you use the one you do. If you are a gluten free baker, write about the differences in flours.

2. Simplify what you know:
We can talk all day about our subjects and areas of expertise, but sometimes we do that with lofty abstract ideas. Conceptually its great, but the average user of your product or service, bought your service or product because they did not understand how to do it themselves. Some people may think, “why tell my customer how I do my work? They’ll just go do it themselves and become DIYers.”  Explaining things to customers won’t make them want to do it themselves, they don’t have the resources. However, explaining things in a simple manner can bring up your customer loyalty because they know and trust you more. They will understand that you have the professional expertise to get the job done right and show that you are a good communicator. Often times it will encourage them to call you more often because they will not want to do it themselves, lest they break something and have to call you anyways.

3. Tell a story about what you know:
Tell a story about how you learned what you know. You learned your skill trade somehow, tell people how you did it! Was your father a big influence? Mother? Teacher? How have your kids influenced your business? These things are all personally relate-able and people learn to trust you more. The more they know, like and trust you (KLT), the stronger your customer base is.

4. Explain the benefits of what you know:
Sometimes people know one or two reasons why they buy your product or service. Can you tell them 15-30 reasons? Do it! Is your business green? Tell them! Do you have unique business practices that no one else really does in your market? Tell them! This makes your business standout and sets you apart from your competitors.

5. Help people with what you know:
There are several ways to do this. A big way is to do charity type events and tell people about it. This can help build some links without you having to follow up a lot. Or if you are a rug cleaning company and you are tired of minor stain cleaning, explain how to do the really basic cleaning tasks. That way you can focus on the real tasks that maximize your profit. Either way, you are building goodwill and customer loyalty.

The above guidelines can and will help you build quality content. Quality content that can make it easier for search engines to find you, which means your customers and clients can find you.

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