How to get more leads: Just blog!

Get more leads potentially by 97%

This is a divergent from the Inbound Marketing basics, but is extremely relevant to what my last blog  was talking about. This is more about content marketing, which is just a fancy word for making and showing content your clients would like to see. 

Blog and get more leads, Pullman MarketingRecently came out with a fantastic info-graph talking about how to increase your leads and the effects of blogging on your website. The info-graph is located here

The biggest take away is that:

  • Companies with an active blog portion on their website, generate 97% more leads
  • 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company with a blog

What would you do if you were able to increase your leads by 97% ?

Getting more leads can be a make it or break it part of your business. I spoke with a company just yesterday about this topic too. They actually do not need leads. They have more than enough business and typically have service based work three months out scheduled. However, they do have about 2-3 months a year that they need more leads because of seasons changing. This type of strategy can help you get more leads you need, when you need them.

Taking this one step further, what kind of leads do you want to generate? Blogging can help you generate leads, but sometimes you don’t want every lead because not every lead is qualified.

A qualified lead is someone who is the most likely to become a customer because they already want your product or service. These are the types of people you want to become leads. Even more targeted, you want qualified leads that are going to purchase the service and product that you make the most money on. This is what Inbound Marketing is really all about.

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