Why We Love Corporate Blue:

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If you want technical information, head on over to: https://www.lifewire.com/what-color-is-corporate-blue-1077385 for more information about Corporate Blue.

Corporate Blue Dress Shirt from JC Pennys
Corporate Blue Dress Shirt from JC Pennys

If you have ever attended one of my speaking events, you are almost guaranteed to hear me make a Corporate Blue joke. Admittedly, I do own 5+ corporate blue shirts. It’s not that I really like that color, but it has special inherent meaning and purpose. There are also reasons we chose to make our brand colors Yellow and Charcoal with a blue teal as an accent.

Corporate Blue to me usually refers to heavy corporations like Microsoft. Microsoft isn’t typically perceived as the “Creative” giant that Apple is, but the Corporate Blue of Microsoft brings that sense of security, trust, and permanence.

And we love it!

We love that feeling of security and permanence. Especially working in a “transient community” like Pullman Washington. Our population rotates on a regular basis with the cycles of the two local universities. It’s our way of teasing at bigger corporations because it’s a pretty foreign thing to Pullman, but we do our best to communicate that we are here to stay and provide long-term marketing support. That is our commitment to the Eastern Washington Community.

Additionally, we like Corporate Blue because it has stood the test of time extremely well. Granted, a white button-up shirt has been the standard for a couple hundred years (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dress_shirt), but the idea of Corporate Blue has been around for 60+ years and in today’s fast-paced world, that’s pretty good to me 🙂

So next time you hear me crack a corporate blue joke, think of this guy – Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer – Former Microsoft CEO

And know that we are endearingly Corporate, but provide the best custom-tailored web marketing solutions that keep your business progressing towards the future.

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