Using Instagram To Create A Custom Facebook Audience

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Making the most of your Facebook and Instagram Advertising through Custom Audiences

While audiences might be split between Instagram and Facebook, there is a way to use both for your business with Facebook’s new Custom Instagram Audience integration with Lookalike feature.

The idea is to create a custom audience based on people who visit or interact with your Instagram Business Profile. Then you can create a Lookalike audience based on the individuals that regularly interact with you in Instagram to build your audience via advertising in both platforms.

To create the source audience of people who have engaged with your Instagram profile, go to your Audiences dashboard and create a new custom audience. Instead of selecting website traffic as the source, choose Instagram Business Profile.

instagram custom audience

Once the audience creation window opens, select your Instagram profile from the drop-down list and change the inclusion criteria from Everyone Who Engaged With Your Business to People Who Engaged With Any Post or Ad.

You need to find a balance in the audience duration, but we’re recommending 90-day audience to start with.

Now in the Audiences dashboard, click on Create Audience and select Lookalike. In the lookalike creation window, search for the Instagram engagement audience you just created, choose your audience size, and click on Create Audience.



There you go! Now you can find people and market to individuals who are highly likely to become big fans, engage long-term, and create a stronger Return on investment with your Instagram and Facebook Marketing.

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