Facebook Deep Dive 2021

Reading Time: 5 Minutes

Anxious over a brand new interface?

Want to know how Facebook can still help boost your business? Anxious over a brand new interface?

Having a Business Facebook page is a great way to build social presence, generate sales, and help you connect with potential customers. During this webinar, Alyssa Mullins and Mako Song will walk you through the fundamentals of Facebook Pages, Insights, how to manage your Business Page, and how you can use Facebook Business Page to promote your business.

Some topics we will cover during this webinar:

  • The Anatomy of a Facebook Page
  • How To Use the Settings Accurately
  • How to Make Sure You Don’t Go Crazy With Notifications
  • What Insights Really Mean, A Running Vocabulary
  • How Business Manager works
  • How The Facebook Business Pixel Works
  • How To Manage User Permissions On Your Business Page
  • How To Manage Multiple Social Media Networks Using The Business Manager

Our Presenters:

Alyssa Mullins - Social Media Expert

Alyssa Mullins

Jr. Brand Strategist
Alyssa develops creative strategies, content schedules, and on-brand messaging for your business’ success.

Mako Song

Jr. Brand Strategist

Creates, curates, promotes and influences on social media for your business’ success.


Mako Song 0:00
Thanks for joining us everyone for a Facebook deep dive 2.0 All right, so my name is Mako.

This a little bit about me. I am a Social Media Manager here at Pullman marketing. I have worked previously in hotels, events and catering as kind of my background is in customer service. And I am also a Washington State University graduate, I just graduated December in hospitality business management. So just why I worked in hotels and restaurants. Some of my hobbies include cooking baking, I like interior design, and I also like training dogs. So I got a weird range of hobbies. But there you go, um, Alyssa, would you like to introduce yourself?

Alyssa Mullins 0:50
Yeah, definitely. So hi, my name is Alyssa Mullins. I am the junior brand strategist here at Pullman marketing.

And a little bit about myself. So a big part of just what I do every day, as I assist in managing clients, social media accounts, at a really wide range, like restaurants and other service agencies as well. I also assist with live streaming, different events that businesses may have. And it I mean, it’s been a while, but at one point, I was a gymnastics coach, so

little all over the place, every now and then. And then, then my hobbies are going to be, let’s see. There’s like cooking, and shopping and traveling, I love traveling. And somehow that all kind of works its way into this background that I have in psychology. I like a lot of different things. So that’s a little bit about me.

Mako Song 2:01
So you can tell if you have a very diverse group, but it makes it really fun here. Um, so throughout this webinar, please feel free to ask questions. And as we go throughout this webinar, and we will try our best to answer them. If not, we’ll have time at the end answer questions as well. But during this webinar, we will provide ideas, methods and suggestions. So basically, our heart really is to provide you tools to enhance your marketing strategy, and help you navigate through Facebook, because it is a brand new interface. It’s a lot of new things. And so we’re here to help guide you in that. So today, some of the topics that we’re going to be going over is we’re going to do just the anatomy of a Facebook page, how to use the settings accurately and how to manage notifications. And then we’re going to go through insights around a vocabulary, vocabulary of that. And then how does this match or works. So basically, we’re going to go through Facebook business pixel, how to manage user permissions on your Facebook page, or business page, and then how to manage multiple social media networks using the business manager. So that’s kind of an overview of what we’re doing today. So we’re going to be using the Pullman lifestyle account for the majority or August, all of this webinar, as an example, show you guys and help you go through this Facebook page. So here you see the homepage, we’ve got the cover photo and your profile page. This is the first thing that anyone’s really going to see when they pop into your Facebook page. So I would really like recommend putting a photo that really represents your business, your company, your brand, and then having a username here, that is really easy to remember. That’s what they’re going to Google to find your page. And then if you go to the send message box, when someone goes into your Facebook page, they’re going to go, they’re going to see the Send Message. So think they can click on it and send you a message. And the cool thing about this is that you can go ahead and change that to whatever you like. So you can do a follow button, which I’ve seen most people do to gain more followers to make it big and bold. You can also do start order for restaurants and it can direct you to a website where you can order food. You can do a book now, where it takes you to a booking site. Could you call now contact us signups so that’s really cool. That cat, we’re going to go straight into events. All right, if you have any upcoming events or past events, so I’m going to be shown down here. And you can go ahead and click here to create new events. And then you can do either a virtual event, and then in person, and people can pay to go to the these events. So go back and then got reviews. If anyone wants to provide a feedback on your page, they can do so here and provide recommendations. And yeah, so alright, so every time you post photos, they’re all gonna end up right down here. And then you can also upload photos as well and create albums like we do here. So people can come in and look at all your photos that you have. And then you can also create a shop in here, which is really neat. So you can customize your shop, you can also direct them to your online store, if you do have an online store. So you’d have to set it up here. Or if you don’t, you can just set up on your Facebook site. And just makes it really easy and convenient for people to just get on here and just shop. And then you can offer discounts and offers in here. And then we’ve got your groups, which

Facebook groups are really, really awesome. It’s a way to build community around your page. Because a Facebook page is basically where you go to promote your business and update your followers on your business. But group is a cool way to just engage with your customers, your followers and have discussions around that. So it’s just a cool way to connect with people. So you can go ahead and link a group or create a group if you don’t already have one. All right. Then if you go to community, it just shows you your total likes, and your total followers. And then videos the same as photos, it just shows you all the videos you have or upload videos go too fast. You go to the about page shows you again the likes and the follows. And this shows you the category that your page falls under which you can go ahead and edit that. So we include a shopping and retail and food and beverage cuts what our page represents. But you can go ahead and edit that and put your business service beauty salon, product or service, really anything. And then that really just helps Facebook, categorize your page, so that they can show it to the right people to reach a more engaged audience. So and then you can put in your location, if you have one, you can put in your business hours. And I and I I’ve seen a lot of people not update their business hours, especially with COVID going on, you know, everything gets shut down or open back up. And you know, we have all these restrictions. And so sometimes you kind of you don’t really know when or if places are even open. So I think it’s really important to update these and let people know that hey, we’re open. Or we’re only open on these selected hours. So um, and then if you have a price range, you can include that in here. If you are moderate, expensive splurge. And that kind of lets people know, this is our price range. And then we have if you don’t maybe have a price range and maybe your nonprofit organization, you can go into is unspecified or not applicable.

Here you can enter in your website URL, if you do have a website. Enter your phone number, your email, and your contact information that you have and then go to the about and Though, you can provide a little tidbit about who you are as a company, the things that you serve. And so it kind of lets people know that, hey, this is who we are, and especially if they don’t know anything about you. And then if you have a privacy policy, you can include that in their page ID is in here as well. And then you can edit other accounts. This is where you can connect your or add your Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, all the social medias, and enter your account username here. And then you can just add that so people can go ahead and search your, your social media pages. So yeah, and I would really recommend that you fill out this whole about page. Because I think more information the better and, and we know who you are so


back. Okay, yeah. Now go through one of these one by one. head on to the newsfeed. So this is basically any pages that you follow. They’re basically posts that maybe that they think that you’re interested in, suggested for you, it’d be all in here, got your updates, and your notifications will all be in here. And then we kind of went over this earlier about, you can set up your shop here to grow your business, build your brand. And so you can go ahead and start shop setup, if you do have that. Got your inbox. And this will be this will load. Here you go. You got your messages from Facebook, Instagram, and your dams, which is cool, because it’s all included in one site. So you don’t have to jump from Instagram to Facebook. So that’s really convenient. And then you’ve got your business App Store. And you can connect a bunch of different apps down here. So if you do have appointments, you can connect, maybe appointments are squared on here, and people can go to that to make appointments, you got reservations. And you can sell your products through here as well. So yeah, and then you got your resources and tools. This kind of, I guess, because for Facebook to give you some more tips, and how to basically move your business forward. So you can create new offers, create fundraisers, sell gift cards, and just some extra information and tips and tricks and things like that. You want to feel free to go look through that and get more information. And then here we got manage jobs, which people can go and post a job and people can apply through Facebook or through their Facebook page. And I don’t know exactly how successful this has been. I know a lot of people do post on like Facebook groups and things like that. People that do post on their Facebook page would be maybe started jobs that don’t have I guess, that are a little bit easier. And then you can go here and filter out job post. See who has applied who is not the status of that. And yeah, look into notifications here. And then. So we’ve got your insights here. And this is a really, really powerful tool for to enhance your marketing efforts. And I’m gonna go ahead and pass this on to Alyssa to go through the insights page. The insights page on Facebook is pretty much where you can see how many page views page likes,

Alyssa Mullins 14:58
depending on what kind Facebook page you have, if you how many people are going from your Facebook page to the website, who’s watching your videos and who’s following, who’s basically following you and what that looks like. And so this first bit that you see over here is a really general overview of usually what I believe your month or the past seven days. Looks, um, in general. And so, if Mako if you scroll up a little bit, and, let’s see, and so, yeah, so there’s a difference between organic and paid when it comes to these. So paid things or like the paid advertisement that you do boost posting, and organic is who finds you just from their own personal searches, or if you popped up because someone reshared or re posted something that you had on your page. And then if you change it, the page summary to instead of last seven days, we do the last 3028, yeah, 2830 that is usually a better indicator of how your page is doing and what that looks like. And so it’s kind of hard to base how you’re looking at how your page is doing on just one week, because a lot can happen in a week. But getting that whole month overview is really good for tracking. And so then, from page insights, if we hop over onto the left sidebar, and go down to we’ll go to pageviews. Yeah. And so then in pageviews, you can see who in the past month has looked at your page. And that’s a really general overview. But a good thing about this particular part of page insights is that you can see what times people are most active, and, you know, so if they’re usually peak times, which on average has been like lunchtime, and usually that like after five o’clock hour where people are getting off of work and are heading home and are kind of just like, Alright, time to kind of mindlessly just scroll through Facebook, or go on whatever social media it is and look at stuff there. Those are typically peak times. But this gives you a really good overview of that’s the general peak times what’s peak times for my page, what are peak times for my followers for my for the people that like my page. And so if you also go over, down to posts.

Yeah, so this is even a better thing, you can see all the different things that you’ve posted over time, photos and videos alike, and see what that engagement looks like for you and your followers and other people that have liked your page. And so when you scroll down just a little bit. Yeah, so there’s all posts published, well, English section will show you each post the day and the time that they were posted. And the reach is just kind of telling you, oh, how far out are we going? How many people has it reached? And so some you can see, it’s reached over? What is that 500 people and then some it has like a really small reach, it goes to like three, maybe 20. And so that helps you figure out and determine what works and what doesn’t when I’m posting for my page. So some things like videos might work better. Other things like some photos or even carousels or gallery posts, those may or may not work better. And this reach part and the engagement does help you see and understand what works for the kind of content that you post. And that’s also and so then if you look past reach, and you look at engagement, you’ll also see who’s engaging, who’s interacting with your post and what kind of engagements Are you getting? Are you getting people that you know, comment and share it? Are you getting people that just click on the post and go through all the photos. And how many people from usually your followers and everything are actively interacting with you. And another like tip to that is if they’re going to interact with you and leave comments. Don’t hesitate to interact with them as well and be like hey, yeah, thanks for you know, liking our post or thanks for leaving this comment. It’s really nice and helpful to get that bond between you and your followers because it, it puts more of a personality and more of a person behind the page. And it’s not just some random business page that’s floating around and existing. Um, let’s see. And then, on this left sidebar here, there are a bunch of other tools that you can follow from insights, you can look at your followers, you can look at the ads. And so if you want to click on ads at the top, yeah. So this is the ad center, and ad centers where you can see the different boost posts that you’ve done. And Preston, would you like to give a more in depth, talk about boost posts in comparison to regular ads, and you know, that great.

Preston Snyder 20:56
So one of the main things that we see with the ad center is it’s the bare bone, like level one, level 0.5, introductory, here’s how you start advertising. And you see this in the thing that Facebook wants you to do, every time you post anything as a business, you will see this post. And that is you throw money, it does kind of a pre determined, vague thing to say, yes, maybe it’s a big radius target everybody here or people who like your page or whatever, depending on what you’re trying to do. Throw like, anywhere from $5 to $100, you can go more, but that’s usually where it’s going to aim it for a certain amount of time and have fun. In there really easy to set up. And they’re the ones that Facebook will encourage you to do the most that shows up here. There is a another level of advertising that it will show you a little bit, but it will want you to go to the business manager, which is business.facebook.com. So if you’re running proper ad campaigns, that tends to happen there. But if you want to see Oh, did that the 10 bucks I spent where to get me, or how many engagements or where’s the effectiveness? You’re going to see a lot of those base analytics here. Yeah, and that’s kind of really outside of that, like everything else that will give you recommendations as well on Okay, maybe you should use this or this window. Again, it will also on occasion, try and get you to boost posts, again, depending on relevance or effectiveness. It’s good, like, have you spent money this worked, you should do it again. And just keep in mind that as you’re dealing with that, is that effective strategy? Or is that Facebook? goading you to spend more, it could be one or the other? best judgment. So I’ll give it back to Alyssa. Great. Yeah.

Alyssa Mullins 23:05
So this is a closer look at what the boost post would look like on the back end. And so you can see the level of engagement, you can Oh, it’s just a really good overview of Okay, so I spent $5 on this post for a day. And what does that look like? And so you can see how well that post performed when it was both paid, and in comparison to not being paid. And so then if you want to head back and hit the X on the top, yeah. And then go back into the insights. Because it, Facebook does this wonderful thing where after you click certain things, you’ll get redirected back out of the other main page you were on. And so I will say that that is one a, it is a skill to master as you’re navigating through all of it. But other things that you can see, through insights, along with how your posts are doing is you can go and look at the different kinds of events that you’ve posted, any videos that you’ve posted, and how they’ve done. So it can separate that photo and video, end of it all. And you can take a look into your messages as well. But I would say that when it comes to insights, and when it comes to just what do you really want to focus on when you’re here, looking at the pageviews, the likes, ads, and your overall posts. Those are going to be the most helpful tools. As you start navigating. And you start We’re working through all these different things that Facebook itself as a page has to offer. And then Mako, if you want to head out of the insights page, maybe, maybe not, maybe we’re gonna swap rates, maybe we’ll just stay on insights for a little bit and just look at everything is going. And then, after insights, we can also take a look at the different publishing tools that Facebook has to offer. Their Facebook pages, it’s pretty similar to creating your own post as a personal Facebook just you have a different tools that you can use and like play around with. And so on that left side, you have a really good overview of the different stories that you’ve done, because Instagram has stories now. And those are 24 hour limit. And so those will disappear at some point. And then you can see your posts, the different posts that you have published, the different posts that you have scheduled. And scheduling posts has been a very helpful tool in managing different social media accounts. Because if I have 1520 minutes in my day to just kind of sit down and be like, Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and schedule posts out for the entire week, well, then you don’t really have to stress too hard about going in to Facebook pages every day at every point in time and being like, Alright, I’m going to post again, at four, I’m going to post again at three, and it eliminates that. I don’t want to call it a burden, but it does take away that stress of having to check in every day. And you can schedule for ahead of time. And you can also see what drafts you have saved, which is a good tool. Because sometimes you’re just not always sure if you’re ready to have something get sent out. And maybe you’re like me, and you’d like to get it proof read and double checked by everyone before you publish it. And that that is another resource that they have in this. And so then if you go to, I believe it’s just post in general, and then we’ll click on Create a post. Yeah, and then go to create a post. This is the little window that will pop up when you want to put a new post on your page. And so you can, if you have different social media accounts linked up to your Facebook page, you have, you can post it, you can do cross posting. And so you can post it on Facebook, and on Instagram or just on Instagram.

And then you can fill in your caption your text, that’s another way that they put it. And then you can upload photos, videos, or you can make a video right off the bat right then and there. You can also you have the ability to add in links, so links to a specific website, a page, an article, anything that is really relevant to your post. And then, as you’re adding things in, there will be a preview that pops up on the side. And so then you can see, okay, so this is what it looks like to me in this little left side. But what’s that going to look like after I finished publishing it because sometimes the formatting does get wonky, or, you know, some things just don’t always upload. And so this is kind of like your, here’s your double check. Okay, now, here’s your triple check. And then you can either at the bottom, you can either publish it right away, or you can schedule it for a later time. And yeah, and it’s been a lifesaver. I just want to reinforce that, that it’s been super, super helpful. And then we can leave that part of the page. Cancel posts, we don’t need to have that there. And so that’s the other big part of publishing tools. There are other things that you can look at, like the video library videos that you have uploaded videos that you know you want to start working on, does redirect you to Creator Studio, which is a slightly newer thing for me on Facebook, and you can just go in and look at Okay, what videos have I uploaded, there’s like little mini editing tools and it’s kind of the same thing as the posts where you can look at what’s been published, what’s going to be scheduled, what do I have in drafts, and there’s also a expired. And so what things are gonna end up going away at some point. And that that’s Creator Studio. For videos, they also do have it for photos as well, I believe. And that, at the bottom, you can see shop. And so that’s where if you have a shop or a store linked with it, you can also see what orders are in process. And if you do decide to link a shop with your Facebook page, definitely check in and be sure to monitor that because you don’t want to miss on any orders. And it’s another helpful tool to interact with different potential customers and people that would like whatever product it is that you have. And Marco, if you want to go back to the homepage, or I guess it’s not the homepage or Yeah, main page. And I know Preston talked about the ad center a little bit already. That was the boost post section. And so if you want to go ahead and take it away on the settings,

Mako Song 31:24
yeah, I would love to All right. Okay, there’s a lot of information. But um, there’s a lot of just neat ways to just change how you want to see everything. So yeah, I paid visibility. So, obviously, this page is published. But paired you can click page unpublished. If you want more information, you can just check the question mark here. For visitor posed, if you want to allow visitors to go ahead and publish post on your page, you can do that allow photos and video post. And review posts by other people before they’re published that page, if you don’t want people just posting on your page, you can go ahead and click that. And you can also disable it post as well. On to post and story sharing, allow sharing on your stories, post or events to their own story. And this kind of helps get your story out there if people can go and share on their own stories. So yeah. But I can also disable that can allow newsfeed targeting. And you can also restrict audience for your post. And this is how people to contact your paid privately by showing the message button.

Unknown Speaker 33:19
And then as controls the ability to tag photos, or others to tag photos and videos published by Pullman lifestyle, or your own page.

Mako Song 33:35
And there’s also country attractions age restrictions. Or you can make it public to everyone. But maybe if you don’t, maybe you want kids on their coattails over but so

there’s also a profanity filter if you want to turn that on and suggest similar pages. And I think this is cool because you can have poem or Facebook recommend at your own page. That also gets your page out there to get more likes or followers on your pages. Page updates. So when you have any updates on your page, like maybe us change your hours or your anything on your about page. It kind of tells the public really like post a post, when you do make those updates. There’s also translate For those maybe that are post in a different language, it kind of transits automatically for you. And you have comment rankings, which shows the most relevant comments on top. So the most, maybe the most liked post will be on top, and then you can show or you can just have all the comments show on your post as well. And then, also, if you were to ever remove your page, this is where you would do that. And, all right. So that’s just the general settings. You got your message, settings, scroll down. Sorry, this is a little bit touchy. Um, this is basically how oops, um, edit preface it preferences, and Matt, it managed notification settings in your notification tabs. And you can also turn on greeting. So before they send a message to your, I guess to you, you can have it automatically send a message before they even send you anything, which is really cool to get a conversation starting. And we’ll head into page info. And this is basically what is included in your about page where we kind of went over Yeah, we went over this entire thing. So you can also edit that all in here as well. And you also have a QR code to go into templates and tab. Okay, so this is, um, your tabs that show up on your homepage. And you can actually rearrange this, maybe you want this lower down here, you can change that. So that you kind of have the ones showing on there that people when people go onto your homepage, you’ll have these showing, I guess, things that are most important to you showing. And then you can go ahead and turn these off if they’re not relevant to you. And then if you go ahead and click Edit, you actually have different templates on here. So maybe you are a business, you are nonprofit, restaurants and cafes, you can click whatever is most whatever your business is, and then it kind of creates different tabs in here that are most appropriate for you. So since we are shopping, under the shopping category, that’s why we have shop in here. So kind of curious that would do the really cool. And then you got your events here that we went over that you can post your events, got your notifications, and you can allow notifications, and

basically how you want to receive your notification. So you can get notification in real time. So whenever you get a like or comment, you’ll get a notification right when it happens. Or you can get one scheduled. Or you can get notification, or only one notification per day on all of activities and updates on our page. So if you don’t want like notifications constantly in your, on your phone or whatever, then you can just get it at one time and click this. All right, let’s scroll down. And so these are the notifications you see people interact with your page so you can get email notification or text notifications. And then receive notifications for new messages, mentions, reviews, comments, and more.

There you go. So you can turn either all of these on or whatever you know, prefer, maybe likes are most important to you comments or follows and click that and maybe Be the other ones, or you’re getting a lot of notifications, and you kind of want to limit that you can click some of these off, so you don’t get so many. So that is super handy. If you go to Advanced messaging me, oops. So yeah, I guess this is more advanced messaging. Or you can connect on apps. You have your messenger and your Instagram swell that you can connect to. And if you go down to page roles, you this controls user access on your page. So you can assign paid roles by adding their name or email, and you can go ahead and click admin at editor, a moderator, advertiser, analyst, or custom. So whatever role or responsibility that that you want to give to other people, you can include that in here. So if they are admin, they can go ahead and edit anything, have access full control over the page. And for the other ones, they don’t have full control you can, they have limited access to your page. So this is where you can go ahead and connect your Instagram account, if you do have an Instagram account. You got your account details, your bio, and disconnect if you want to connect. But these are all this information that is included in your Instagram account. And if you use WhatsApp Do you know what’s up that’s still popular?

you can create WhatsApp ads onto your Facebook and so it’s another resource that uh Facebook kind of like just recently added not too long ago I remember seeing a notification for that on Facebook and uh it was definitely interesting since for me WhatsApp is primarily a messaging thing uh yeah as for how popular it is and how much people use it uh well that would be because Facebook bought it so Facebook now owns WhatsApp well that makes more sense than uh yeah and so it’s another resource there for you to use you can send messages a little easier you are able to show a phone number and I think WhatsApp does change the number a little bit and so you do have that opportunity as well and you can like I said and you can create ads so it’s another fun tool that they added since they bought the since they bought the app itself you got your page management history these are just if any changes were made it just shows up them all here so you know who made the changes when if they added anyone so at least you’re being updated of that and then we’re I think we’re gonna go straight into business manager and you can go into that by going on your back to your home page and you can click business manager and it should pop up I don’t know why it’s not popping up now but if that does happen to you can just go onto

business.facebook.com and you if you don’t have an account already you can just go ahead and click create account and then put in your Facebook name or URL I think and then you just have to go and verify it that it’s you and then it’s your page and yeah so first thing you see here is the business settings so I guess just a little overview of business manager if you don’t if you’re not very familiar with it allows you to manage your all your marketing efforts on one page so basically some the things you can do is manage multiple social media accounts control user access and permissions and you can also track your ads from your Facebook and Instagram more efficiently with the ability to view impressions and your spending so it makes it really easy and convenient that you can just kind of basically do everything on the business manager all right so if you go into users and go into people this is where you can go and add people onto your Facebook page so you go and click add you put in your or their email address and then you either give them employee access or admin access if you give them admin access then they have full control over the business over the page they can pretty much make any changes edit anything and they can also add and remove people and if you give them employee access I think this is the most common that people usually do and they can’t go and edit whatever they want they can’t they can access information and be assigned different roles so whatever roles and responsibilities they want to give to each employee you can go and do that in here so

you can assign additional roles to do a finance analyst finance editor developer all in here whatever you feel is most appropriate and

and then you can also add assets to I guess click your page and then go and give them partial access so you can allow them to publish content uh moderate messaging comments create ads there you go or you can give them full control of the page but I think it’s really cool they can go and give them access to certain areas of your business page and then you also have your ad account catalog apps and pixels so they can manage different areas of the assets so they can control uh or view pixels or manage pixels so yeah

so if you go to partners you can add partners in here get partner access to your assets or you can also ask a partner to share their assets now we’re not go and ask them for their login id or anything like that but you can go ahead and request access through here

and yeah and all they need is a Facebook business manager account and you’ll need their account id and their contact name and email and you can go ahead and do that and then you can also share assets as well so they don’t get full access of your page and everything but you can share certain things with them and we’ve got your pages go ahead and add your page in here request access to a page and then create your own page if you don’t have one

so and then and it shows you the people that have access to the page as well and add people through here assign partners and edit their permissions

and then we’ve also got your ad account which preston went over it earlier but you can also manage that in here as well to create an ad account in here and add one or request access to that so and then you’ve got your uh business asset groups where you can basically group all of your pages accounts and pixels all together in here so and with that I can also add people set permissions things like that and then we’ve got apps and then your Instagram account to connect in here and basically all of these accounts you can go and assign partners and add assets in here

and then you got your WhatsApp accounts as well

so you got your data sources straight to catalogs you’ve got your pixels so basically if you don’t know what pixels are it’s basically a way to track people interacting with your website and so you might ask why would you want a pixel or uh what kind of benefits would you get out of having a pixel so basically I think the main reason is that it allows you to make your ads more effective by downloading a pixel and it helps you to create an audience to advertise to

and basically it allows Facebook to track your visitor activity on your Facebook page or not Facebook page your website and that helps you to make sure that your ads are shown to the right people so you can add a pixel through here or um

or you can also add a pixel if you go to event manager


still a little slow

so if you go to events manager you can go and con you click connect data source

and then you would connect your website here

and then you would click Facebook pixel and then you would name your pixel so I’ll name it let’s say Facebook pixel you can be a little bit more creative than that but for now I’ll put that in there and then put your URL in here

and then so either you can do a partner integration so whatever you use for to manage your website so either you can do uh squarespace WordPress Wix whatever you use for your website you would connect that or you can install code manually which I think you just get a code that you can put in your header on your website and install it that way but yeah um

and preston I know you know a lot about pixels do you want to share or have any insights on pixels or anything yeah uh don’t no I’m just kidding uh so if you give a pretty good overview it is a data source that you willingly give Facebook permission to track uh basically every action and it can even set up more definitive action points on either websites or apps or even other some Facebook experiences and interactions uh it’s grown from being a uh almost like a radar level blip of oh somebody did a thing to uh it can in a very scary way really get a beat on what your web activity is this does create audiences and allows you to do different types of targeting uh it used to be a very like okay this is an ad tool to get basic retargeting but now the data it gives you is basically fakebook’s equivalent to a google analytics where you are getting all right how many page views how much do we know about people so as a data point is very effective it is also a very finicky piece of uh back end technology that uh you it really takes a lot of effort up front to make it work and then whenever Facebook decides to do an update which tends to be quarterly or semi-annually uh it might break and then you have to go and troubleshoot so it’s there they’re a bit tricky up front but if you are looking for a lot of very specific uh easy to handle data points going forward for a specific purpose or even just for general knowledge it is a good tool to have on hand how be it very invasive so yeah and you can set up events am I correct like when you go on chi or you connect it to your website set up events so maybe you want to check and track how many people or how many times someone clicks on add to cart or a form on your website what’s the most typical use case for a small business maybe one that’s not doing e-commerce but it’s just looking for general uh publicity hoping to drive more likes and views what’s the what’s the use case for the pixel yeah so the use case for the pixel in that scenario uh tends to be anywhere from for example if you’re building an email list uh if you had tracking somebody who would actually do a sign up and saying all right people who generally do this are most likely to go all the way through so we’re going to show your content uh gently add specific to people who do that uh and it’s creating audiences similar to what you tell it to so if you’re saying okay I want more page likes let’s identify who’s going to be the most likely to do a page like and then we’re going to go after that way or who’s going to go to thank you page etc. so getting a beat on who’s most likely to do what and then telling it to pursue those courses of action if that answers your question so the data that you get from the pixel dashboard are you able to feed that directly into your ad targeting is it a one-to-one like the audiences you set up with the pixel you can then tell your ad targeting hey go after this segment yes right on whatever fakebook’s accuracy is but uh yes

awesome yeah so when you do create a pixel go straight in here you just gotta make sure and to install it on your website

and then we’ll go back in to settings if it will load there we go

all right go into brand safety so you can manage your domains here and your block list and if uh if you maybe want to do we have

um yeah so block list you can add a block list for if you click manage

have certain pages that you don’t want your post showing on there you can add uh black certain yeah basically it helps you control where your ads are seen so do that all in here

and create your block list


just gotta go back

all right and then leads access manager lead access in which people in CRMs can access your leads by customizing your access settings and then payment methods for especially for ads you might want to put your billing and feel repayment information through there and so any if you send any uh invitations to access have access to your page it’ll show up in here if they received them sent them any updates and then got your


your business permissions you can receive that through business manager emails receive notifications when someone joins or leaves your business and then any updates on your page and then seeing you likes views and more pages connected to your business you can also control how you want or if you want to notification notified for that on your ad account WhatsApp accounts pretty much everything even your pixels

um and all of your apps as well

and then you’ve got your basic business information here and then make sure that your business information on your business manager is the same as the one that you have on your Facebook on your Facebook page that’s a really good way to get kicked out of business manager if they don’t they’re not the same so

yeah and then you can also set up two-factor authentication for extra security as well

right straight up in here um

okay we’ll go into a little bit into the business suite so if I if you’re familiar with the business we it’s a pretty new uh platform that Facebook launched I think back in the fall September or something I believe and I think I’m not sure if it’s correct but I’ve just heard that like they kind of came up with that due to covet and kind of helping out businesses and so this kind of makes it really convenient to have everything in one place and so this platform allows you to manage your Instagram and Facebook account and you can receive all of your notifications and updates on here you can send and receive messages create ads for both Facebook and Instagram and check your insights and analytics and even schedule all of your posts and I know I know we went over creator studio earlier and it sounds pretty similar to creator studio but I think this allows you to kind of manage things a little bit easier and this also has an app too where you can download it on your mobile devices which is super duper convenient because I know on Instagram you can’t actually post on your desktop so you can kind of use the business suite to post on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time or if you don’t have your laptop with you can just do it straight through your phone which is very convenient so this your home page gives you an overview of your Facebook and Instagram the recent post ads your insights and go into activity this gives you all of the your notification your likes any comments on both social media accounts

and then you got your Facebook and Instagram direct messages if you go down to Instagram it shows you all the comments and it shows you which post they commented on which is pretty neat so if you go to posts and stories

this looks pretty similar to the creator studio on here where you can go ahead and click this create post

through here you can click pullman or Facebook and Instagram and type whatever you want and then you can go ahead and

create have a little backdrop and click this and then you’ll see what it looks like on your post and then you can also do a call to action oh turn this off

and then do a call to action

this is what it’s going to look like if it loads send message yep and then you can also put your URL or any links on here as well and then add photos videos create videos at location so you can do a lot with this and just makes it really nice and convenient to be able to do it on the business suite cancel

and then we’ve got your stories feed grid and you can this is really cool you can see your Instagram and Facebook side by side

which is really neat you can see what your posts have been looking like on everyone’s feed and then you can also do a grid style too and go ahead and see how many likes you’ve had and this just gives you a little bit more detail on how many people you the post has reached uh page interactions so likes and comments any activity on your page so

and then if you’ve scheduled a post it’ll come up on the calendar and then you can create ads

on your page

and the results of that as well if you boosted your post

still a little slow

it’ll get there um

let me refresh

all right so yeah for any of your boozy posts you can spend however much you like for them and you can have the ads running for a certain amount of days that you can you can customize that as well and the more you spend the more people you’re going to reach and I’ve noticed that if you have run ads running for a short amount of time and spend more you’re going to reach more people

rather than having an ad running for a week or something like that

and you’ve also got your insights for your social medias Facebook Instagram followers and the demographics so and that kind of helps you who your know who your audiences are and even see what age group they are and then maybe your Instagram followers they’ll be more in the I guess younger 25 to 30 and then Facebook you might have an older audience and you can view your audience report through here as well

and you can also view trends

and I think the cool thing about this is that like you can allows you to know like what time of day to post what day of the week to post what kind of contents are most popular so then you kind of know what to post next time and things like that so I think the insides page is a really cool feature on here and if you want you can also export it too and you can also tell uh where your audience or your followers is from yeah and

we’ll go back to the

Facebook business manager go to business settings

and pullman lifestyle Melissa I know you’ve used uh business suite quite often like how has this really helped you creating content it it’s been it’s such a huge help there are so I work with different clients who uh do and don’t have Instagram and then also do and don’t have their Instagram linked onto with their Facebook account and so

it’s effective and efficient when linking the two because of the ability to do things like cross post and because of the opportunity that you have to see what it looks like visually you have kind of this multi-step tool all-in-one on business suite especially in the publishing tools in the post creating section where you can actively say okay so this is the post I’m going to do for today or you know the post that I’m going to do for the week you can schedule them out ahead of time and for example with Instagram uh you can’t you can’t necessarily schedule posts ahead of time you can save them into a draft and then but then you’ll still have to go in at that time and go publish it on the app itself versus Facebook if you have it set up where okay I’m gonna post this on this photo with this caption three days from now you have the ability to just schedule it and have it set to go and then it does it for you and it is it helps eliminate the worry of did I post that thing on Instagram I don’t know or did I post that thing on Facebook I don’t know then being able for me personally to hop into business suite and look at okay so I posted a video on this on like Monday and then I also posted a photo of the same thing on like Wednesday what performed better and why was it the time that I posted it was it the day that I posted it was it just the fact that I did a video or a photo of the product or the content itself is that what really caught my audience’s eye more uh and being able to really look into that it helps me know and plan and think about okay so what are my next steps after that how can I continue to help out my clients how can I continue to just help get their name out there with content that people want to see because there are definitely times where I’m on Facebook or Instagram or anything and I’m just like yeah okay that’s cute that’s cool whatever and I’m like scrolling past it because it’s just not catching my eye but then there are some things where there is a post I’m like oh I really like that and so then I’ll stay and I’ll either watch the video or I’ll look at the whole photo or all the gallery photos that you added because you can do multiple photos and I’ll look into that and just be like oh yeah okay cool this is really good and then be able to apply that into future posting and just you know see what performs well because not everything’s gonna work for everyone and also understanding the practicality of it you know and making sure that anything that I have posted or I’m ready to post or see does fit the brand because if I’m like okay if I’m a chef I’m not gonna post like photos and videos of me going skydiving you know and so I mean I might if I like can cook in the air but I don’t like make a sandwich while you’re skydiving I don’t know but unless it’s something along those lines it’s not always going to fit well and so being able to see that through business suite with all the different tools that are offered really does help and assist even if the navigation part can get a little wonky when you’re starting out it kind of becomes a second nature where you’re like okay click here and I click here and I do this and this is how I can find this and so it’s a learning curve but it’s a very useful tool and I’ve really enjoyed it yeah super nice when you’re managing multiple social media accounts like you do and it’s nice to know like who your audience says are because even if you know some of some of the posts maybe you like might not be something that someone else might like you know so yeah that is super handy to have business suite and to be able to go into your insights and figure out who your audiences are what kind of posts are popular and so you can kind of play off that yeah um

so I guess we’ll go in to your advertisement advertising


you can have set limits for your advertising for your Facebook pages

to see the number of pages running or review ads for partner people with access to it

so you can set limits for that and manage all things advertisement um

go into oops analytics so we got a lot more analytics for the business manager as well while she’s going through that Facebook ads uh in general have been really they’ve been really nice because you have the option to do uh constant ads that just recur or you can also just boost a single post and so you can really highlight something about your business that you want people to see and focus on and then with the ability to select your range because it does allow you to pick kind of the region that you want the ad to show so in Washington if I’m going to do a Facebook ad for whatever it may be I don’t want that I don’t necessarily want that ad popping up in like Georgia you know it that’s not necessarily going to benefit or help out I mean hey if someone in Georgia sees my ad cool but I want that to happen in Washington and then I want that to happen in pullman specifically or in the general Palouse area and so being able to manipulate and utilize that tool and uh shift things around and also spread out the budget so you can put twenty dollars in for four days and so that’ll space out the money and the num the amount spent per day and so all twenty dollars aren’t going to go in on one day it’ll be spread out nice and evenly and it’s a nice way to capture people’s eyes with your ad and you can also do ads that happen with video and so you can do like short little video ads or you can also do ads on just a photo or a post and it there’s a lot of different things you can do when it comes to ads and it’s you can also do a comparing contrast between what works organically and then uh if that post should be or if you should make an ad for it and be able to use your best judgment on that as well there’s also commerce manager here you can sell products similar to what you saw on your Facebook page as well and you can also through the business manager you can also edit your whole Facebook business page as well without even having to go on to your Facebook account you can just go to business manager edit anything on your profile under on your page and do everything from there and then also through a business suite as well so I yeah it’s just a very cool platform where you can really do everything on there and yeah before we go into any questions or end this off is there any other insights or anything that you want to bring up or anything to listen oh okay yeah um

yeah I think my like final uh note thought to bring up would really just be that uh Facebook and the back end of it especially for businesses and pages itself can be really daunting and just kind of overwhelming at first and you’re just like I don’t know what all of this means and that’s okay and you know like we talked about throughout our time was just there are key things that we can all focus on and insights posting uh boost posts different ads and that that is all you know really good things to kind of start with and learn and it’s all just going to be a really fun learning experience and there’s also the FAQ section that can help the frequently asked area if that’s another resource there that they have I can’t remember the title of the bit on the menu off the top of my head anymore but yeah that I think that’s my final bit over there all right do you guys have any questions comments any insights on anything uh maybe you’re familiar with dana I good job ladies and preston as you tuned in occasionally well really well done I just I guess my question is more just like for clarification with Facebook so obviously they have the business suite and then they have you know the publishing tools and within the publishing tools the creator studio something that I’ve just always noticed is like creator studio publishing tools business suite they kind of all have the same thing all like same like scheduler or even uh like create a post or whatnot is there one that’s better than the other it looks like business suite is a little bit cleaner but I I’m just wondering if you guys know why Facebook has three different areas that is practically the same thing as a as a orderly personality it drives me nuts I’m just curious if you guys know the reason behind that or if there’s better things using one or the other or whatever but that’s my question yeah I can take that one there’s five things off the top of my head three of them are very speculative but they made two are one

part of it is development the primary one that you see off the page is the definitive one the business suite is a replication of that in a different application part of that I think was their attempt at some level of mobile integration so those are technically two separate apps to keep the same feature the creator studio is a beta tool right now that they’ve released but they’re not pushing as the official is probably going to replace what the common page things are now so it’s development the other part of it is that Facebook likes to work on separate projects and I have subtle suspicions that there’s not the best entertainment communication that they’re all working on the same tools they’re not doing it differently that does happen in large corporate scale sometimes uh where there’s just an unnecessary redundancy that’s my speculation that’s not factual don’t take that for a real reason but uh that would be my opinion based on uh market news that I’ve heard uh but yeah I completely agree uh even as I’ve been going through this I’ve been like is it this literally the exact same thing yes it is you’re welcome they say so there was a time when I was playing around with creator studio and I think they just had launched it I don’t know but then on the Instagram side they were saying the statistics and this might not be super accurate you know go to Instagram for that and I’m like well if it’s not accurate why is it up but doing their best so it seems like you guys are mainly using the business suite more often than not than twitter studio and publishing schools cool yeah I use business suite a lot it does like you said it does feel a lot cleaner a little more organized and when at least for me when I enter that whole publishing tools part of it Facebook kind of just suggests hey you’re on our old one right now you maybe want to try business suite and so then I just click yeah sure try business suite and since that’s where it defaults I’ve gotten very comfortable and used to using business suite and so yeah I think that’s become kind of the main interface rather than creator’s studio and maybe like reading that one out I’m not sure but yeah business suite definitely is a lot very convenient to have an app with that as well I thank you guys for joining us and also if you want to keep up to date on our Facebook page we probably have more webinars coming up so feel free to check that out but yeah thank you guys so much and hope you have a wonderful rest of your day

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