Instagram Deep Dive 2021 | May 31st 2021 at 1pm

Instagram Deep Dive Webinar Pinterest vs

Instagram is growing in usage every day, even in the face of TikTok-

Having an Instagram is a great way to build social presence, generate sales, and help you connect with potential customers. During this webinar, Alyssa Mullins and Mako Song will walk you through the fundamentals of Instagram Profiles, Hashtags, how its integrated with Facebook and how you can use Instagram to promote your business.

Some topics we will cover during this webinar:

  • The Anatomy of an Instagram Profile
  • How To Use the Settings Accurately
  • Hashtag Research For Successful Postings
  • What Insights Really Mean, A Running Vocabulary
  • How Ads Work
  • How The Facebook Business Pixel Works with it
  • How To Manage User Permissions On Your Business Page

Our Presenters:

Alyssa Mullins - Social Media Expert

Alyssa Mullins

Jr. Brand Strategist
Alyssa develops creative strategies, content schedules, and on-brand messaging for your business’ success.

Mako Song

Social Media Manager

Creates, curates, promotes and influences on social media for your business’ success.

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