Maximizing Your Home Office: Featuring Devan Rose | April 28 2020 2pm

From Devan Rose:
“During this webinar I will be tackling how to set up your home office in a way that will help you be productive and function efficiently, while also looking appealing. So often we have a hard time sitting down to get work done merely because the space we have to work in doesn’t feel welcoming.

While much of what I will be discussing is how to set up a temporary home office space for this unique situation we currently face, I will also touch on all the elements needed for a permanent home office space as well. Everything from:

  • Where you place your desk
  • Thorough organization processes
  • Finding decor that provides an inspiring atmosphere to allow for you to produce your best work

Making small changes such as whether you place your printer on the left or right side of your computer, utilizing a simple color pallet with your desk accessories, or even adding a small plant to your office space can make a huge difference in how you focus on your tasks.

I will also offer ways you can achieve these things at a minimal budget and how to utilize items you may already have around your home

I believe this webinar will inspire you to make some changes to your permanent office space as well, once you are able to return to your normal working environment.

I look forward to helping you all achieve a home office space that best reflects you and your personal needs.”

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