Profiles in Resilience Episode 6 | featuring Shaleah Jones, MD, February 16th 2021 1PM

A webinar series featuring Shaleah Jones, MD owner of recently opened DawnMD. Dr. Jones has opened a Direct Primary Care clinic in downtown Pullman and will address:

  • How medical services are changing during and after Covid
  • How Dr. Jones’ model reduces out of pocket expenses and provides improved care for patients
  • How is your business dealing with employees and patients during COVID?
  • How has government assistance helped your small business?
  • How was the permitting/licensing process like?
  • How have you and your employees maneuvered through the assistance programs?
  • How has your business model pivoted beyond COVID?
  • How are you reaching out to your frequent customers?
  • What is your engagement on social media?
  • What is your business doing complying with reopening requirements?
  • How about utility services?
  • How are you coping with fixed expenses?
  • How are you and your family personally coping as a business owner?
  • How life after COVID may change the health industry
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