One Day Design

Branding, Identity Design, and Website Development​.

The Challenge

One Day Design is an interior designer that has been featured in HGTV, HOUZZ, ABC, FOX and other media outlets. When she reached out to us though, her website needed repairing and felt it was time to take her business to the next level of consulting.

The Solution

During our initial discovery session, we worked with the client to define her audience and found a brand refresh was needed to begin meeting her goals. We began with our design process to create a simple and elegant logo that resonated with her audience. This informed the branding process and website rebuild to create a revenue-generating asset.
one day design

Our Capabilities Applied:

Using our specialties to provide a holistic customer service experience and one-stop-shop.


When we develop a logo and brand, we create a mark that looks amazing in color and in grayscale. After the logo was approved, we created a style guide that explained how to use it with its variations and specific purposes. We weaved this elegance into our rebuild of the website.


Working with the client has been an absolute delight in creating a content media marketing strategy that fits the business. We helped to streamline her consulting services with inbound content, social media, email marketing, webinar appearances, and PPC advertising.

Dev System

Rebuilding the website we found uncontacted leads, a broken email notification system, broken backups and more. As we rebuilt the website, we did it with the goal of simplifying the marketing process by implementing a rapid blog creation system, social media cross-posting, and lead generating features.


It has been a delightful time working with the client and we have continued to provide long-term support with marketing consulting, daily website backups, routine website maintenance, and maintaining her online listings (Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook).

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