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Marketing Automation can save time, maximize sales, and even save you money on subscription fees.  We’ll Show You How.

Marketing Automation is a way to bring all of your marketing into a systemized flow.

While we can hook together your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), MailChimp, website forms, and more with Zapier – We really recommend using a system like Sharpspring.

SharpSpring is a CRM and marketing automation tool that teams actually like to use. It’s not costly like SalesForce or confusing like Infusionsoft.

It’s the best tool we’ve seen and used that helps you manage and scale when you have dozens or hundreds of customers and contacts. It helps provide real tools and processes that foster growth.

Phase 1

Identify Your Goals and Strategy

Phase 2

Planning and Deployment

Phase 3

Testing, Reporting, Refinement


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De-centralized Automation

Many businesses routinely pay for a CRM. But that doesn’t mean everyone on the team uses it. The process of implementing a CRM is complicated, time-consuming, and sometimes downright miserable.

The key is limitations of features and connections. You and your team might really like the features of other marketing platforms like MailChimp, Hootsuite, SproutSocial, and HubSpot. But making those all talk to each other is a pain and the data gets really messy.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve helped clients who had attempted to use multiple CRMs finally reap the reward of a Client Relationship Management platform,  a sales team that spends more time selling, and less time pushing papers and pixels.

Centralized Automated Marketing

With a platform like SharpSpring, the world is open to you. With features like Email Marketing, Chatbot, Retargeting, Lead Management, Drip Campaigns, etc. all baked into the same platform – your data is centralized.

With changes in the Facebook and Google Platforms, the value of data has only gone up. One of the major reasons we are a SharpSpring partner is that they genuinely make your data actionable and yours.

With all of the features you would expect from a CRM, having a single login for all of your marketing efforts makes the process even more simplified in having a unified and centralized management system.

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How Long Does It Take?

We are averaging 2 weeks to perform the initial assessment and migrations but it takes about two to three months for the whole system to be optimized for your market and customers.

By leveraging our marketing strategy sessions, we are able to create clearly defined funnels that generate and nurture leads. Once a potential lead is logged in the system, you are able to view the entire client journey and develop automated messaging for when and how to follow up with them.

It is also never really “done.” New campaigns will always take additional effort, but once the initial funnels are generated, we can rapidly create new campaigns and even re-engage your current list to maximize those touchpoints.

Marketing Automation Details

We are experts at navigating excel spreadsheets and macros to make the data migration process as painless as possible. We love data and we’ll work with you on what data to keep, what to toss, and how to organize it moving forward.

A CRM is only useful if it simplifies and automates tasks. This allows your sales team to spend less time wading through information, and spend more time selling. We’ll help you to automate tasks like assigning leads, alerting reps to new activity and reminding them to follow up, so deals keep moving.

Originally marketing automation was primarily based on a form fill, time delays, and email marketing. This has been around for quite some time and is a pretty big upgrade for most CRMs.

Smart Marketing Automation begins to use basic website tracking, lead scoring, and Re-Targeted Ads to really build a framework for providing real value to your potential customer. While some systems do use AI, it’s not too new and it’s not as complicated as some vendors make it out to be.

Typically we see Marketing Automation working best for businesses that are ready to scale. Many new businesses have not yet defined or refined their culture, systems, processes and product. That being said, we do recommend the book called, “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber to move forward to this point.

Marketing automation works best when you have:

  • A steady flow of new and qualified leads
  • A fully systemized Marketing and sales process
  • A marketing strategy and content strategy mapped to your buyer’s journey
  • a proven lead nurturing strategy that is ready to scale

These are all good signs that marketing automation could work for your business. The key here is understanding that marketing automation does not do marketing for you, but can help scale your successful efforts.

When considering a marketing automation solution, don’t focus on the individual features — focus on the business results and the long term partnership.

There are a lot of “management” systems that attempt to help, but they may not be the right fit for your business goals. Be mindful of legal compliance and privacy regulations related to your industry. Not all platforms are compliant with different industries.

Since we have worked with nearly every industry and many platforms, we’re able to aid in the evaluation process for what will take your business to the next level.

Less than you might think.

Our clients typically see a $400-$800/mo savings when they switch to SharpSpring.

Book a discovery call and we’ll identify what works best for your business together.

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