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We believe in the standard that Microsoft has built for businesses. In fact, more than 90% of their revenue is from small businesses just like yours using Microsoft Office, Microsoft Servers, and Microsoft Cloud Resources.

When we complete an assessment, we look at what will make your business faster and more efficient. We make the technology work for you, not the other way around.

Our primary services include helping you get premium email accounts with your domain name, getting cloud storage setup, team communication lines organized, and active directory management.


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What About Google Workspace?

Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) is a fantastic tool for email and Google Apps.

But that is where the lines get drawn.

Even though Google is a large company, Microsoft has larger revenue and infrastructure compared to them and Amazon. That is because they offer so much more than just Email and Google Docs.

While we have deployed both environments for small businesses, we love deploying Office 365 for the instant success and win for the company. Once that is setup, we can also enable your users to login to any of your organizations computers on the fly with the same username and password. This simplifies your entire IT operation while looking more professional.

Microsoft Office is also a part of the deal and makes it easy to format documents, use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and many other industry standard applications.

Does This Work For Macs?


Now is even a better time for using Microsoft Office 365 for your Apple environment.

In the past, Microsoft’s apps have not been the greatest on Apple devices. But in recent years the support has radically improved and we actively work with Microsoft applications in the IOS and OSX environments.

We’re one of the few agencies with the capabilities to switch from Windows to Apple and to Linux in support your organization with anything it needs.

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How Long Does It Take?

Faster than you might think!

For organizations under 10 employees it usually takes less than a day.

Depending on the extent of the integration, training, organizational permissions, and more.

When it comes down to features, we work with you to determine the best mix of solutions for your business. Technology upgrades and migrations can be a big deal for any organization. We make it as easy and painless by scheduling changes and updates at non-peak hours, even working at night, to ensure as little downtime as possible.

Information Technology

There are two costs to consider when looking at an Office 365 Deployment –

  1. Licenses
  2. Deployment Costs

Licenses can range and vary depending on the needs of the organization. For basic email it is in the $4/mo per user range, compared to Google Workspace at $6/mo to $12/mo. While a Microsoft 365 Business Standard with all of the apps included is ~$12.50/mo per user. This is where the planning phase of working together is very important to tailor create your plan moving forward.

Deployment costs are related to us performing remote and on-site services. We bill this out early with the deployment strategy estimate. Any additional changes or scope creep does get included into the pricing but is still pretty minimal in most cases.

Qualified nonprofits can receive Microsoft Basic subscriptions on a donation basis or upgrade to advanced features at a significant discount. To qualify for nonprofit donations and discounts, you must hold recognized charitable status in your country and sign Microsoft’s non-discrimination policy. Microsoft reserves the right to verify eligibility at any time and to suspend the service for ineligible organizations.

We love connecting nonprofits to these services and would love to have a meeting together to see if you qualify.

Absolutely not 🙂

We are skilled in running email migrations from all platforms and make it as seamless as possible. Depending on the size of your organization and email accounts, you may experience a few hours of downtime, but no emails will be lost in the process.

When it comes to business-class email with Outlook, you are at minimum receiving a 50 GB mailbox per user that can send and receive attachments of up to 150 MB.

Get work done and increase efficiency with Microsoft 365. Collaborate in real time with teamwork tools that are always up to date. Plus, get professional email and online storage—all with built-in security to help keep your data safe.


You can still use those services, absolutely!

We do want to note that you would be double paying for services.

With the Microsoft Business Microsoft 365 Business Standard ($12.50/mo), each user receives 1 TB of cloud storage that you can securely
share inside or outside your organization, apply policies to ensure content is shared appropriately, revoke access at any time to control and secure content, set access expiration date for externally shared files, and even block the downloading of shared files.

Enjoy the freedom to access, edit, and share your files on all your devices, wherever you are. Even if you lose your device, you won’t lose your files and photos when they’re saved in OneDrive. Stay connected, share your documents, and collaborate in real time with Office apps.

We love them both 🙂

Slack can be a fantastic system for many organizations because of its robust amounts of integrations. The free plan is enough for many organizations as well.

What we found was that once we broke past the 4 employees, we actually needed Teams to help organize the conversations, archive and search conversations, and guard permissions.

Teams also has fantastic Meetings scheduling, video conferencing, and integrations with 3rd-party services. It can also be a Zoom replacement for internal and external meetings.

If you are currently using or paying for Slack, we strongly recommend switching to Teams since that would create an enormous cost savings for your organization.

Office 365 offers the advance security and compliance tool than any other business suite out in the market. Microsoft spends $1 billion yearly on security and compliance and always stays updated on evolving compliance standards of the industry. Office 365 has created most compliance certifications – ISO 27001, 27018, SSAE16, FISMA, HIPAA, SOC1 Type II & SOC2 Type II, GDPR, and EU Data Protection Directive.

The TLDR version is: yes. Their server farms literally have fake hallways for security, machines that literally woodchip hard drives, and have less downtime than Amazon Web Services.

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