Solich Piano

Long-term creative, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, video editing, and more.
Solich music branding and company work 2

The Challenge

Solich Piano is a long-standing client that is located in Ohio. With three stores, e-commerce, and social presences, there is a lot going on. We have also found that many of the marketing processes needed to be implemented with their IT and systems to ensure each store was up to date with the latest information of in-stock pianos, appointments, advertising, and promotions.

The Solution

We began nearly 10 years ago consulting and building the foundations of branding, high-level strategy, and creative website development for the client. As the business grew, we began putting together Google Ads and Facebook Ad plans to increase website traffic. Throughout the years, we have kept the on the bleeding edge of Search Engine Optimization as Google and Bing have evolved.
Solich music branding and company work

Our Capabilities Applied:

Using our specialties to provide a holistic customer service experience and one-stop-shop.


Over the years we have helped keep the Solich Piano website on the cutting edge of web design and technology while helping the brand evolve as a dealership for Yamaha Music.


After we made the first website for them, we proceeded to work with them on multiple sales events, PPC campaigns with 700%-1200% ROIs, and advanced email marketing campaigns.

Dev System

We have managed not only the websites for Solich Piano, but also their project management systems, Office 365, G-Suite, funnel marketing systems, and additional automated sales systems.


Our long-term support and partnership with Solich Piano is based in our weekly strategy meetings. In their fast-paced business, this is essential to make sure we're all on the same page and moving forward together.

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