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Own Your E-Commerce.

Our philosophy is that you should online store and own your data. A True Asset.

E-Commerce should be easy, fast and generate sales. For many businesses, this is the customer’s first impression of you.

Creating an E-Commerce that flows, ships and converts is our speciality and we love working with brands to create a curated experience that customers love.

Once we completed a website strategy workshop with your company, we help you choose the right technology, software and workflow to accomplish your goals.

Phase 1

Identify your goals and strategy

Phase 2

Development and Deployment

Phase 3

Ongoing Support and Reporting


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Get Right Look and The Right Tech

Brand Strategy

We create welcoming websites that build trust with potential customers, increasing their likelihood of completing a purchase.

Your E-commerce site should have a fun discovery, easy checkout and delightful post-experience that influences a customer to tell their friends about it.

We put in place the plan and strategy from Keyword Search to Final Confirmation email to recruit fans and ensure repeat business.

Our designers will take the goals and information from the planning stage and turn them into something beautiful and functional. From layout and imagery to user interface and flow, your website will be designed with your customer’s unique point of view.

Fulfill Orders Seamlessly

Because we take a “Brand First” approach, we select technology that fits your business and workflow.

Easy payments, shipping and flexible inventory management makes your E-Commerce presence profitable and manageable.

Need it connected to Quickbooks or other software solutions? No problem 🙂

Want To Learn More?

How Long Does It Take?

Our least favorite answer: it depends.

The main factor for this is complexity.

During our planning phase, we will discover and outline the scope of work, delivery, and objectives. Rush orders are possible but do tend to increase the price since we either work over-time or work with a trusted partner to meet the deadline.

Our average time has been between two and three months.

Website Development

  • B2C Retail Grossing $80K+
  • Craft, Artisans, Creators, and Designers Grossing $80K+
  • B2B Product Retail and Wholesale Grossing $150K+
  • New and Established Brands Expanding into E-Commerce
  • Business’ Looking To Expand and Maximize Their E-Commerce

Website speed is a major factor in SEO and in how your potential customers use your website. If the website takes longer than 3-seconds, they will hit the back button.

If your website is slow and doesn’t load immediately or within a few seconds, users (especially mobile users) are likely to leave your page and look elsewhere for a product or service.

Our development process is specialized in WordPress for developing fast websites that users love. Our servers are also optimized for WordPress and are constantly updated for stability.

We provide all of our clients with Google Analytic reports to help you understand the overall performance. Typically for most businesses, this isn’t enough.

We monitor with you actual sales, leads and key performance indicators unique to your business.

To take your digital marketing to the next level, we recommend partnering with us for your Marketing Automation to maximize your website traffic.

We evaluate this particular service with your business in mind.

We offer website hosting for $20/mo with free daily backups, free uptime monitoring and free SSL certificates.

For our larger clients, we typically recommend WPEngine.com who are the leaders in the space of WordPress hosting.

We typically recommend against a 1-pager website.

This is because a 1-page website, commonly found with Squarespace and similar vendors, do not have enough information for Google and Bing to properly index your website.

A one-pager website typically becomes cluttered trying to convey so much information. They also may not have the integrations necessary for the rest of your digital marketing efforts.

We build with SEO in mind because it really is the most important thing. We’ve seen some pretty ugly websites outrank the most beautiful of experiences. Google wants users to have a good experience and information from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to the very end of a web page.

It is of most importance and most be considered holistically with keyword research, search habits, niche information and conversion optimization.

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While many reminence of “SEO Past,” our team holds years of experience and certifications to understand the ever changing environment of Google and Bing

Our SEO Audit is objective and we provide a road map for your website to improve its performance as part of our process.

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While many go for a shotgun marketing approach and social media “tricks,” our team holds years of experience and a passion for our customers  to understand the ever changing playing field.

Our Marketing Strategy Workshop is objective and we provide a road map for your business to identify your target audience, create a consistent brand identity and image, and tactics to improve your awareness, efficency and profitability.

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