5 ways to turn failure into success

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Not failure, just results and feedback.

I was in a local business meeting and this concept came up.

Its a hard saying to hear and understand and take a grain of salt of. As businesses, we see failure as a loss of money, customers and morale.

Understandably, that’s a problem.

But the reason we are all in business is not because our businesses are perfect. Its because when we made a mistake, we fixed them. We pick ourselves up and make changes. We do it inherently and are driven by the core idea of “I must do this to succeed.”

Here are some steps to look at that in a new light:

5. Review monthly mistakes or monetary loss:
This is an obvious step, but the number one reason businesses lose money, is an owner making enough money to not notice the loss.

4. Look for opportunities to buy better equipment that does not fail or break as often:
Whether its a new computer that doesn’t freeze or a different brand of saw blades for your reciprocating saw that last longer, if the equipment fails get something better. The right tool for the right job makes all the difference in the world.

3. Weekly check websites that review businesses:
Check Yelp, Google review, Facebook, etc. For what people are saying about your business. You might think things are awesome, but you might be getting feedback you never noticed before.
Also check out your competitors’ reviews, see how they are failing and turn that into your results and ways to succeed

2. Get rid of time wasters:
It can be hard in an age of gizmos and gadgets, but they are not worth it. If you pay yourself $80/hr in your business, why would you waste your own time on Candy Crush, Flappy Birds, or the latest game on your phone?

Or maybe you have a fancy coffee maker that takes 15-20 minutes to make your own cup of coffee. You feel great about saving $4-$5 by not going to the local Coffee Shop. The problem is, math isn’t on your side. You just paid yourself $20 for making a cup of coffee…

1. Learn to delegate better:
I’ve learned even in Non-Profit Organizations that the lack of delegation leads to avoidable problems. The key words here are, “avoidable problems.” When we don’t delegate properly, we do not have the time to see the big picture and succeed.

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