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Upcoming Webinars


Profiles in Resilience Episode 4 | Tim Gehring 1pm December 15th 2020

A webinar series featuring a Palouse area businesses maneuvering COVID and Beyond. Some questions we will address with Tim Gehring of Gehring & Farrwood: How is your business dealing with employees and clients? How has government assistance helped your small business? How have you and your employees maneuvered through the assistance programs? How has your business model pivoted beyond COVID? How are you reaching out to your frequent customers? What is your engagement on social media? What is your business doing complying with reopening requirements? How about utility services? How are you coping with fixed expenses? How are you and

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Coronavirus Relief Webinar

Coronavirus Relief Webinar: What You Need to Know About Market Outlook, Retirement, Taxes, and the New CARES Act Matthew Ko, national portfolio specialist and VP

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