Step 2 – Inbound Marketing Blogging Basics

Inbound Marketing Blogging Basics: Making Inbound work for you.

Blogging is a difficult subject. A lot of people really do not like writing. Those that do like writing, not everyone is great at it. In terms of making or breaking your Inbound Marketing strategy… its a focal point. Here are the inbound marketing blogging basics:

What to write about
Finding Content and what to write about can be a difficult task but here are three tips / topic finders that can really make a difference.

  • Start with your customers top questions, and write an article to answer each one.
    • E.g. Customers ask if your coffee is fair-trade. Write an article about why your coffee is fair-trade
  • Write about the problems you solve for your customers.
    • E.g. An IT Consultant may write a blog about the importance of updating away from Windows XP and how you can help with that process
  • Use HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator
    • E.g. Type in three nouns, and it generates ideas for you. I typed in Fair Trade, Coffee,  and tea – These are the results:

      1. 20 Myths About Fair Trade
      2. Miley Cyrus And Coffee: 10 Surprising Things They Have In Common
      3. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Tea
      4. 14 Common Misconceptions About Fair Trade
      5. The History Of Coffee

How To WriteBlog SEO Basics

Writing is not  that hard. Just type like you are typing to a friend , with proper spelling and grammar. If you feel like you might have trouble with spelling and grammar, feel free to type it in Microsoft Word first. Use the tools you have to help you work through it. Make sure that it is at least 300 words too. Google really likes to see that.


Why it Works

Blogging helps show Google that you have fresh content, your website is updated regularly and that you can be found via new search terms. You can then post to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. your new blog article, and that create links back to your blog (which Google also likes).

Even though SEO may be our goal in blogging, the bigger goal needs to be providing a service to your customers. Even though the side-winds are nice, if you write to improve customer experience you will create profoundly more substantial and useful content.

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