Why I use Bing Advertising

Recently I’ve come to love Bing Advertising.

Why would I use Bing over Google?

Honestly, I’ll still run Google ads, but I can almost always get a better return on investment with Bing Advertising and here is why:

People will say that “everyone uses Google”. True, but not everyone.

The only difference between a Google user and a Bing user is there are more Google users. Just because someone uses Google does not mean they are more willing to buy your product than a Bing user. A search is still a search and a person is still a person.

Say you run a business selling culinary kitchen tools. On your website, you want to sell more knives because you have the highest markup. To get more traffic, you rank for the search term “knives under $50” instead of “kitchen knives.” this ensures you have potential customers that have intentions of buying knives in the first place.

Google Ads | Pullman Marketing| Using Bing adsGoogle does show you what the monthly average amount of searchers is, just like Bing does. The keyword bids at an average price of $.69.

Google does have some extra cool features, but in most cases, its the same. You build the same campaigns, build similar reports, and use an offline editor for each of them.

Bing Ads | Pullman Marketing| Using Bing ads

Bing, just like Google, will help you build out your keywords strategy. However, the average keyword bid is $.33 a click. That is more than half the price of Google!

Same intent to buy knives but at 1/2 the cost to advertise.

Your return on investment double and your cost per sale are lower.

I personally have a Bing Advertising certification, because I believe in this method and product. If I am to do my best for small businesses and clients with smaller budgets, this is just one more way I can provide quality product and service.


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January 2nd, 2018:

As a follow up to this article, Bing has made terrific strides in organic search by reaching up to 23% Market Share. This has been a long time coming for its growth over the last several years.

The nice thing is, Bing does share what Keywords people used to find your website and then gives estimated bids so you can actively start bidding on valuable keywords right away.

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