Protecting Your Business Email From Scammers

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What is phishing? I can promise you its not catching fish!

What is phishing? I can promise you its not catching fish!

Phishing attacks have become one of the most common online scams around.

Fake emails from big named vendors like Amazon, PayPal and Best Buy happen EVERY DAY.

The website and email looks convincing, they might know your personal details – it must be legitimate, right? Wrong!

In a 2019 survey, Phishing accounts for 90% of data breaches and 30% of phishing messages get opened by targeted users (Verizon).

It’s important to use extreme caution when it comes to online security. Triple check website URLs, never click on the links contained within emails and even call the supposed sender – Amazon, Best Buy, friends and family if you are just too unsure.


Adam Jones  00:00

Today we’re going to be talking about protecting your business email from scammers. The number one thing to do is to watch out for phishing Am I say phishing, that’s phishing with a P, these are emails that you’re gonna get in your inbox. They might be from Paypal or Amazon. But if you look really closely, the sender’s address the subject line, might not be wrong, but it won’t feel right. And it’ll be saying, Hey, do you want to confirm this purchase? Typically, in a phishing scam, if you click that link, it will ask you to type in your Amazon or PayPal credentials. When you do that, you then give that owner your username and password, they will have that information and be able to log in and run your credit card, do whatever we get those not as often, because we use a really strong spam filtering system. That’s item number two. Here upon marketing, we do recommend using G Suite or an office 365 deployment, they have really good spam filtering is not going to be 100%. But if we’re able to filter out 95 to 98%, that not only protects you it also protects your employees from these possible scams or phishing. Item number three, is to just be really defensive with your email address. You know people ask for your email address all the time or you sign up on get a free downloadable item on a website. Watch out for those you will receive spam. be defensive, be proactive with it. It found this content helpful. Go ahead and give us a like, subscribe, hit the bell. If you have any questions. We would love to help you reach out to us directly. If you go to our website and hit the phone number. You’ll talk to me or one of our team members and we would love to assist you

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