After IGTV- And Why Instagram Still Works For Video

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It's official, IGTV is gone. So what happened?

It’s official, IGTV is gone. The platform has been discontinued and will soon be removed from app stores for good. So what happened?

Today on Your Weekly Social Alyssa and Preston will be talking through what happened with IGTV, what, if any, options are left on Instagram for video, and what it all means for your content strategy!

Your Weekly Social is Pullman Marketing’s premiere recap show discussing social media, trends, news, and updates across all manner of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!


Alyssa Mullins  00:00

How’d you like the new studio?

Preston Snyder  00:02

Something’s different.

Alyssa Mullins  00:03

Something is different.

Preston Snyder  00:04

It feels wider. Yeah, bigger. Yeah. And a work in progress. But we have begun our venture into a new studio space. Yeah,

Alyssa Mullins  00:15

you guys are seeing the early stages, the work in progress. We’re gonna paint the walls, add some furniture, put a little bit of spice on it everywhere. And you guys will get to see the entire process with us. We’ll be doing weekly socials here from now on, I would if you saw our last video, we were in a different corner, and our previous studio and so

Preston Snyder  00:38

now my narration has begun. So we’re very excited. Yes, this upgrades our content game going forward. So it’s thinking about starting Instagram again, I haven’t been on it for four or five years, but I remember a piece of content I really liked. I’m excited to explore was on Instagram TV. Yeah, what what?

Alyssa Mullins  01:02

What if they took that away?

Preston Snyder  01:03

What do you mean, they took? When do they take that away? A while ago? What happened?

Alyssa Mullins  01:09

There’s no more IG TV.

Preston Snyder  01:11

So then this? Do we just not do video on Instagram anymore? No, we do. How?

Alyssa Mullins  01:18

We’ll talk about that in today’s weekly social.

Preston Snyder  01:20

I’m Preston. And I’m Alyssa. And this is your weekly social. What happened?

Alyssa Mullins  01:31

So Instagram did remove their IG TV platform a while ago. And that’s there’s there’s a few reasons to that. One of the contributing factors was just that IG TV was existing to kind of compete with YouTube and YouTube shorts and all that stuff. Because IG TV allowed for minutes over a minute long, which was really nice. And people did, you know, experiment with it and use it. The issue was that there was just confusion between Oh, well, why go to the IG TV tab that they have, when I can just watch the same thing on the feed. And so then there was a mix of like, using but not using Instagram TV. And, and so then Instagram was just kind of like, yeah, you know, we’re just gonna put up.

Preston Snyder  02:21

So the actual app is going to be removed from the App Store that hasn’t already been, and then all support and service for the project, it’s going to be gone

Alyssa Mullins  02:34

with that. Another reason why is because when Tik Tok started getting super popular with their quick minute videos and everything like that, and it was just that bite sized content, Instagram wanted to kind of do the same thing. And so then they came up with reels, which is a fun feature that has been getting a lot more traction recently, which is really, really nice. And really, really fun to use. And so there was another level of competition. And so with reels getting attention, and everything kind of happening with IG TV, they just kind of flipped it on out,

Preston Snyder  03:07

and Instagram trying to be an all in one content machine, you now have a visual feed, and they’ve now introduced an addictive video feed. So in case you thought your attention span was safe, or people were easing off a little bit, you’re mistaken. There are multiple ways with the Tick Tock competitors, that you will be on that app for hours. So be mindful, but also Instagram reels has been far more successful than HGTV.

Alyssa Mullins  03:39

I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t spend hours at a time. No, of course reels. No, no, I don’t. I don’t know what you’re talking about. That never happened last night yesterday, the entire week. So with the removal of HGTV and all these other new things coming out on different platforms, and you know, Instagram, just trying to keep up with everyone else in their own area. There are so many features that you can still do on Instagram, you can still regularly post you can do single image posts, you can do up to a 10 image carousel on Instagram as well. And that’s just for regular posting, there’s the stories feature, which is kind of just like a brief snippet that you can record for, I believe up to a minute. And it’s accessible on your profile for 24 hours. You can also filter your stories into what they have as called highlights. And those highlights will be featured on your profile for till you take them down really. And then on top of all of that, you can also use reels, which is Instagrams other kind of like mimic of tick tock in a way you can create up to a minute worth of video content. So whether that’s doing an educational piece, doing something trendy, you know, or even showing some processes That’s what Rails is for. And it’s very similar to scrolling on a feed, you’re just scrolling on a video feed where you just scroll. And then you get to kind of watch videos. So you can still do a lot on the platform. And they all play very nice together. And I do, I do have to say that they, the viewing reels and your stories, all of it does connect really, really nicely on Instagram.

Preston Snyder  05:27

So now that there is a very robust tool set on Instagram, and they are kind of at the point where everything they’ve kept, has actually developed and is performing well. What’s the strategic approach? What should brands be doing with Instagram?

Alyssa Mullins  05:45

So, with Instagram, there’s a lot that brands can be doing. Kind of like what I said before with the stories feature regular posting using reels, and those are all really good, like general things that you can do. Instagram also has a shot feature if you want to explore that, and that works for your business, and your brand. The other thing is, you can make bite sized content. So with reels you can record up to a minute worth of content. And so whether that means that you fit everything into that minute, or you create kind of like a series, right, so here’s part one of everything, here’s part two, here’s part three, and you can kind of make your own series and with reals, you’re a lot more visible than then you think you get shown based on your hashtags still, you get shown based on the general feed, and so your followers and people that you’re not following will see you a lot easier in comparison to your regular posting.

Preston Snyder  06:47

So for example, let’s say you are an accountant, which is something that you think this is not something worth a digital presence. But you can in fact, you have a specific part of the year, right up front, your q1, early q2, that is tax season, which is likely when you’re the most busy. Part of that is one of the common rules is show your work is when your regular feed. Or you can show things like this is the stack of papers we have to deal with this week, or this is how much or everybody’s funny office culture, or whatever it is you’re doing on your general feed carousels of quick tax tips or why you should file with us this year. And then if you want to do video content, doing a, alright, this is an average thing. These are things that might get you added. Or here’s a way to work with things or even things as are you working with QuickBooks, here’s a quick tutorial on how to do that, like your options for all of this are based on stories, key pivotal timelines making sure you did since it’s a 24 hour feature, you have 24 hours to submit all of your paperwork does theater, like using urgency of your profession, to maximize the point of your content. So there is even on Instagram alone, if you’ve decided that that is the platform that I’m going to stick with, you have plenty of options to build an engaged audience, attract attention to yourself, and subsequently start to carve out yourself as the expert in the field.

Alyssa Mullins  08:27

And creating that bite sized content is a wonderful way to kind of relieve some stress. When it comes to well, what am I going to talk about? Well, you only got a minute to talk about it. So maybe talk about like Paul Preston was saying talk about how to use QuickBooks in this like quick minute video or you know, quick 10 Slide carousel Max. I mean, you can only use up to 10 slides but if it fits in for I mean useful,

Preston Snyder  08:55

or even as easy as show your work. Yeah, huge

Alyssa Mullins  08:59

Instagrams, a really fun platform to use. All of them are. Instagram just has a lot of fun features that you can almost constantly explore and find new things, find new ways to do things. It’s just a good time I have fun on Instagram, I’m sometimes on Instagram more than than I do most other things so So in

Preston Snyder  09:19

conclusion igtv that Instagram video alive and thriving in a very well developed Instagram ecosystem. So of course, it is still a good platform to use still make video content for Instagram. And of course if you need tips, help suggestions, feedback on your Instagram strategy, or anything else at all. Feel free to reach out to us at Pullman marketing COMM And for more fun, Work in Progress studio sized content about all your social media needs. Like Comment, subscribe, ring the bell and we’ll see you next week for your weekly social All

Alyssa Mullins  10:00

thanks for watching bye guys

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