How to Create The Right Brand For Your Business!

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What Exactly Is A "Brand?"

Creating and cultivating a brand image is essential for any business, but what exactly is a brand? It’s more than a logo, a product, or a promise- in this episode, we’ll reveal the secret of how to leverage your brand for success! In this series all about marketing, learn about what branding is, and how to create an authentic brand for your business.

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Hey guys, it’s Alyssa with Pullman Marketing, and today we’re going to talk about what is branding!

Branding is basically your result; it is the gut feeling, it is the association, the overall perception that a person, usually a consumer or a customer, gets about whatever product, service, or anything that the company ends up doing. It’s what feeling they give to their customers. And I know that by saying that branding is a result, it can be a little confusing, because some people think of branding, and they think that it’s your logo.

Branding is not your logo- that is a symbol.

It’s not a product, because that’s a product of your company. It’s also not a promise, at least not entirely a promise.

The promise kind of helps communicate what your brand, and your branding is going to try to get people to feel and have associated with you. But that’s not your brand. The other thing that we like to think about is that you have your brand, but you’re also creating multiple little brands for everybody. Take a Starbucks and Chipotle or your local coffee shop, for example. All of those make me feel a certain kind of way when I think about them and when I walk into those stores, but they also might make someone feel differently. And that’s how brand and branding is a result. Because the result that I feel when I go into a coffee shop here in town, might be different from what someone else feels. It’s not just you as maybe the social media person, it’s everyone involved in that company.

They help create that reputation and that overall brand result. So when you walk into these stores, when you go to a certain place, how do the employees make you feel? What does the overall atmosphere make you think? What are your initial thoughts about the aesthetics and everything when you walk in? All of that contributes to what branding is as a whole. So then you have to sit and think, “Am I helping my brand? Am I hurting my brand? Is everything becoming aligned and creating one cohesive brand?

Or is everything all over the place? And are we struggling to have that brand identity and know who we are as a brand?” It does include the logo, it does include your colors and that tone of voice that you communicate to those around you… All of that coming together is what helps create a perfect brand for your company. And so if this video was interesting, if it was helpful and you want to learn more about branding in general, feel free to hit the bell, leave a comment, like and subscribe and I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Thanks so much for watching.!


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