How To Keep Your Audience Engaged With Social Media

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Join us as Adam and Alyssa discuss the three things that you can do to keep your content relevant and bite sized

Social media has changed the way people consume content. Lately that content has come in bite sized videos. But sometimes that doesn’t always seem easy to do.

Join us as Adam and Alyssa discuss the three things that you can do to keep your content relevant and bite sized, and how that can re engage your audience, and bring in new viewers into your tribe.

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Adam Jones  00:00

So Alyssa, I might be a little bit old on this. But have you noticed that people’s attention spans have been like going down and down and down? Not quite goldfish level, but like almost goldfish level but not like quiet but like, tick tock, do we call it tick tock goldfish?

Alyssa Mullins  00:14

Hi, guys, I’m Alyssa.

Adam Jones  00:31

And I’m Adam. And this is your weekly social. So attention spans, they’re horrible. They’re, well, it’s good to have one.

Alyssa Mullins  00:32

It’s good to have one. They are kinda like taking more of a dip. Now. If you haven’t noticed? Yeah, exactly. As we kind of dive into the world of more content creation, as video content gets more popular, we’re starting to notice that bite sized content on most platforms, almost all platforms, maybe YouTube is kind of hit or miss is something that people are preferring more and are trying to dive into doing more now than they kind of were

Adam Jones  01:02

before. We didn’t see a trend where the algorithms are optimizing for it. You know, YouTube shorts is a great example, where YouTube shorts is taking priority. In most cases, they really want that feature set to be utilized more, because they’re trying to copy tick tock. And as that’s being cloned, essentially, they’re prioritizing it. They’re giving them more credence or trying to get more great content creators to do that. So what do we do?

Alyssa Mullins  01:28

Yeah, so there are about three things that we can do that can help with creating that bite sized content that won’t necessarily like take up too much of your time. The first one is going to be short video content. And when I say short, I mean about 30 seconds. That’s where it plays real nice, on pretty much any platform that you have, especially tick tock, especially Instagram, and on Facebook. Yeah. So

Adam Jones  01:58

then how do we do that?

Alyssa Mullins  01:59

Yeah. So there are a couple things that you can do for creating that bite sized content through video. One that is super easy that a lot of people do, and they do really well at that isn’t too too complex, as you just get your phone, and you set it up on a selfie record setting. And you talk about whatever it is, but try to keep that topic, really short, really condensed, you know, hit hit the points, like if you were to fast forward through that long video, what key things do you want people to know, like, if we took this video that we’re gonna finish up, and after we’re done, we would bite size, topic one, the second thing you can do, and then the third thing you can do, and then make those its own content pieces. And then we could divide that out even more, and discuss each other bit about it. And

Adam Jones  02:47

that and you can even use YouTube analytics to see where people are dropping off, or where they may be scanning to as well. So that way you can can know what really were the most important bits. Because there’s been times where we’ve created content, we’re like, Oh, my goodness, this is incredible. We love this. And it’s flopped. And then other things were like that, we were just throwing it out there just to throw it out there. And it has exploded. And so there there are things like that. And so then when you’re able to take a data approach to it, we’re able to provide that better content and what your viewers may want a more regular basis.

Alyssa Mullins  03:22

And so then the the second thing that you can do is you can recycle old content is something that you think about doing but sometimes like honestly, you don’t even do like you think oh yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll have to remember that for later. You know, when I post again, and then it doesn’t happen. And so you can do that, again, you can take, whether it’s an Instagram carousel, where you did 10 things on and you went over 10 DIY is to do for the holidays, and and then you can recycle that and go in depth about each DIY. And it’s okay, it’s good to switch up your content between photos and videos, especially on like Instagram and stuff. If you went ahead and just did a quick photo. Here’s a quick bit on how to do this and turn it into its own carousel. And whether that’s 10 slides with maybe one sentence or like a quick phrase on it, or, you know, even pictures, here’s like step one, do this picture. Step two, do this picture. That’s another thing that you can do. That’s really quick and easy for your followers for your viewers to consume and to watch. And they can swipe through but still get the information that they’re needing.

Adam Jones  04:29

We do this a lot for all kinds of content too many times will create a lengthy blog, like a super long form blog, usually Google wants like 1400 I’d say you know, 1600 2000 3000 There are some people who create those types of articles. And when you do that, you’re able to then parse out the subsections and then have carousels and single posts and stories and Twitter. You’re able to have content for days, if not months off of those big long forums. uses it. So it’s good to engage it with it that way. And once again, this is mostly about videos today. But you can use this for pretty much anything.

Alyssa Mullins  05:10

And Adam had our our third point, which was, you can still use long form content, it’s still good. But filter that content into your website, on a blog, or in a long YouTube video, you know, and when I say long, seven, maybe 10 minutes of a YouTube video explaining whatever that topic is that you want to. And then you can take, whether it’s like you said a blog post or anything or a YouTube video, and then split it off into sections, and filter that into other content. But in those bits and tiny little bite sized pieces of content that you do, you can then say at the end of it, hey, if you want to learn more about this, go read the rest of it on my blog on my website, or go watch a YouTube video that I have about it later on. And you’ll see us do that in our YouTube videos to like, Hey, if you want to learn more about brand strategy, we have a video on that you want to learn more about SEO or email marketing. We have videos on that on our YouTube. So

Adam Jones  06:06

and that being said, we did just finish a webinar on Facebook marketing, if you’re struggling with some content building, or how do I strategize this, or how do I lay this out, we’re going to be posting it here in a few days, we’ll have in the link below. Check it out, we show some strategies on how to approach that how to deal with it, how to choose the right platforms as well, sometimes you just get stuck, or especially if you’re by yourself, and you’re trying to brainstorm what you should be doing next. That’s really, really, really hard. We’re going back to the long form for just a moment. We see people even today, doing tons of long form content, we see 45 minute hour long interviews, we do see. And some of that might be better for podcast. But we still see that active on YouTube, there’s a lot of organic content that is delightful that you’re able to then share because I might not know to go to the four hour and 15 minute mark for the funny joke. And so then if you’re able to take timestamps of that and then edit that out later for other audiences or for YouTube shorts, or for tick tock, it’s a pretty powerful tool.

Alyssa Mullins  07:12

And just some background on why the Bite Size content and that shorter content is doing so good is what people are preferring nowadays is due to platforms like tick tock like Instagram reels, like the stories where it’s there for 24 hours, and you only have those 24 hours to view it after that it’s gone. So there’s that urgency that you build up in your audience of like, oh, I need to keep up with this person. Because I don’t want to miss what they say and what they do. And that’s where that bite sized content, if you make it valuable if you make it something where people will want to hear and listen in those 30 seconds. And I say 30 seconds as like the minimum. But you could also do like a minute, I know tick tock allows up to three minutes, but having it condensed like that. And something where people can just watch. And they’re like, Oh, that’s really good. And then maybe they go to your profile, and they look at some of your other videos, or they read more about you. And then they go to like, it’s a great way to get people interested enough to view your profile to continue learning more to and then to do whatever it is you’re asking them to do, whether it’s to make a purchase or to you know, sign up for your email list, things like that. It’s all very beneficial. And it keeps them engaged in that attention span where it’s just kind of decreasing a little bit.

Adam Jones  08:31

All that to say is the big point of this is we’re wanting to curate and develop your audience. Right? If one platform goes down the cross pollenization between the platforms and saying, Hey, if you want more over here, oh, hey, if you need this go over there. We’ve talked about that in previous shows. But having that cross pollenization of platforms does help to future proof what you’re trying to go for. And if you are able to get them into an email newsletter list or into a stronger community, maybe you’re using circles or maybe you’re using Facebook groups or other things, you’re then able to have that more one on one interaction. And people value that, you know, there’s other content creators that have big forums or big discord environments, to have that community and it works. That’s powerful

Alyssa Mullins  09:15

thing that was all we had for this week. So thank you guys for watching. Don’t forget to comment, like subscribe, hit the bell. Write comments

Adam Jones  09:22

down below if you have questions or you’re like, hey, whoa, I disagree. Go ahead and put that in. I love to have a conversation with you.

Alyssa Mullins  09:30

Alright guys, thanks for watching.

Adam Jones  09:31


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