How To Use Pinterest for Business, Blogging, and Personal Accounts!

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Winning at Pinterest

Are you asking yourself: what is Pinterest and why should I care? On Today’s Weekly Social: Pinterest Explained For Regular Users and also what is Pinterest for business. We Guide You Through Some Scenarios For Pinterest Beginners, Pinterest For Retail And Pinterest For Service Based Businesses.

*CORRECTION: We referenced Article 240 in respect to Pinterest curating content, but the correct title is Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act*

People use Pinterest to save ideas for recipes, home improvement, fitness, motivation and so much more. But Really, Pinterest Is A Search Engine For Everything You Can Imagine.

Today We Will Explore Specifically:

-Why You Should Care About Pinterest As A Search Engine

-Initial Concepts For You To Run and Play With In Pinterest

-Pinterest’s Climate Change Misinformation Policy


Adam Jones  00:00

Good afternoon, evening or morning. What’s up? I’m Adam.

Alyssa Mullins  00:07

I’m Alyssa. And today we are taking the pin out of Pinterest.

Adam Jones  00:12

So last week we were going to talk about Pinterest. Yeah. And then as you can reference our other video, I think the thing comes up here. Yeah, that didn’t happen. We were we were not able to actually access our studio because of this. No.

Alyssa Mullins  00:24

Yeah. So Pinterest, I, I like Pinterest. That’s where I find the recipes. That’s where I find the DIY projects. I never do. You know, I do it all on Pinterest. To use Pinterest

Adam Jones  00:36

a little bit a little bit. I do use it for like, for home some home projects. Occasionally. I end up using it more for men’s fashion. I know I don’t look it, but I do end up looking there for just ideas or what’s happening. What’s the trend? What’s pushing and pulling? And I’ll be honest, like I actually really appreciate JC Penney’s because JC Penney’s on their website, they actually like, curate for men, like, oh, here is this look. And then here’s where you can buy each of these items, which I thoroughly appreciate. But my question for you, Alyssa? Yeah. So

Alyssa Mullins  01:10

what is Pinterest? I like to call it if we’re thinking of it for a business. It is your business’s moodboard.

Adam Jones  01:19

Yeah, I gotcha. So I call Pinterest a search engine. Because no one really goes there to be social, even though it’s a social media platform, contextually The other element is that okay, we all know that Google is number one. Whoo. Yeah. Good for them. Who’s the number two search engine thing? I wish, I wish. My deepest of hearts. I do wish that Bing was number two. It’s actually YouTube. Oh, really? Yep. Followed up by Google Search, Google image search. And so when we get into this idea, and this mindset that of how people use a platform, Pinterest is super a search engine. And it is something to be optimized for website traffic and sales.

Alyssa Mullins  02:03

I guess that makes sense considering that’s where I get my recipes. So that makes sense.

Adam Jones  02:10

And that’s where we would recommend actually a lot of retailers and service providers to engage with the platform. We’re seeing all kinds of places, even medical health. Fitness has been there for a long time. Yeah. Medical Health is a little bit newer one, mental health stuffs been up there any

Alyssa Mullins  02:29

kind of design interior exterior design for your homes, apartments, anything like that. Really? Yeah, that’s where I see a lot of Pinterest pins being pinned.

Adam Jones  02:40

And so how would you recommend that small businesses should use Pinterest?

Alyssa Mullins  02:44

Yeah. So one thing that I would recommend is, if you are more retail, I would really recommend putting your products like really good product photos up on your business’s Pinterest account, and then having them you know, short description, calling it you know, with a title, what is it? It’s sunscreen, or a tanning oil? We were talking about that earlier. So sunscreen, tanning oil, and then kind of describing what’s in it or maybe when’s the best time to use it, and then having it link to your website so that you can actually direct someone over to your website to make a purchase.

Adam Jones  03:23

And that being said, there’s tons of ways to expand that, whether that’s especially in cosmetics, if you’re looking at like, oh, what’s a morning routine? What are all the serums foundations, etc? They’re gonna use and then in the evening? What’s your take down? What was that look like?

Alyssa Mullins  03:38

So you have all your products up, right, but then you can also create boards. And so then you can create and curate those boards to have whatever you need for your morning routine, whatever you need for your nighttime routine. Or even just depending on the kind of business you are even just general self care, because that’s something a lot of people have been focusing on is okay, I makeups good and fun and does good stuff. But how can I also take care of myself and self care has become a big part of that. And so having a morning night, everyday kind of mood board that helps people kind of like okay, well what should I get from you guys for morning things? And then what order would I put it in? Because then if you have a blog about all the morning care products, and you make a blog on this is step 123. Were a video, you can have that in that whole board as well. And that’s another resource for people but another way to drive traffic another way to get engagements and

Adam Jones  04:39

so much more. And that’s where there may be a couple of different applications, right. So if we take the idea that it is a search engine, where people are trying to find you, like where in their journey, if I’m making lighting fixtures for example. I’m going to show highlight traditional lighting, modern lighting, etc because people may see or best hallway lighting, best modern lighting. And there’s all these different search terms that they’ll use for a visual idea, and how to engage, because that’s really hard to hit in a normal Google search. The flip side is if you are a electrician, and you’re saying, okay, great, I’m gonna go do this job. And the client tends to be a little bit vague, because they’re not even sure what they want, you could show them, here’s what modern lighting looks like, here’s what traditional lighting looks like. And so then you’re able to use it as a sales tool and a clarification with them in the long run. And that being said, there is one nuanced issue that we would say to watch out for. And I want to read this to you, because this is the first company. And I will say Pinterest did tweet this. So I did kind of have to laugh to myself social

Alyssa Mullins  05:48

media using social media, social media, it’s good stuff.

Adam Jones  05:52

Exactly. Pinterest is rolling out a new climate misinformation policy. Our new policy makes Pinterest The only major digital platform to have clearly defined guidelines against false or misleading climate change information across content and ads, the new policy does say that they are going to clean and curate out false or misleading content about climate change content that misrepresents scientific data, including omission, or cherry picking, in order to erode trust in climate science and experts. So the issue that comes and granted, we’re not here to talk about climate change, we’re here to talk about article 240. Because when they begin curating, and cleaning content out, they do run the risk of being a publisher, which is the major issue that Twitter and Facebook have had over the last three or four years, there has been testimony in Congress over this, this is the first time that Pinterest has kind of voluntarily joined that fight. And I could see issues with sustainability. And when I mean sustainability, I mean, gardens that are zero waste, because you could have bad data, or good data for your gardening. And so you may have to be depending on your industry, a little bit careful, even though it might not be explicitly about climate change. It might get flagged and we don’t quite know what that looks like yet. But honestly, if that’s the only concern that we have towards a platform, I mean, it’s almost as good as next door.

Alyssa Mullins  07:25

I know that there are a lot of people out there that do use Pinterest just as general like information, how do I do X? How do I do this? I live in a small apartment. How can I make my small apartment not feel as small as it is? Right? How do I make How do I open up space? How do I decorate in a way that doesn’t clutter. And again, depending on your industry, depending on the kind of service you do, that is something that you can hit and reach. And if you have blogs sitting out that maybe you don’t really know what to do with or they’re on your website, and like you put them on Facebook, and it did okay, you put it on Instagram, and no one really cared. Pinterest might be the place to put them. You know, and and I will read blogs, I will look at recipes. I love Pinterest. For my personal use. It’s great. And we’ve had fun using it as a business to just it gives a good overview of like, in some pictures. Who are you. And that’s another good use for Pinterest, too.

Adam Jones  08:23

Yeah, and that’s the that’s the funny thing. We’ve used Pinterest for multiple clients in radically different industries, in service in luxury retail, things that we never thought would actually really pushed. But hey, you know, best practice, use this, try it, test it, push it, pull it, bump it, bump it. And it’s worked. It has generated sales in fields that traditionally may not be using the platform. But once again, it’s always good to test in the checking to see. And so that being said, if you do have questions, and you want to learn more about how to use Pinterest for your business, feel free to reach out. And if you liked this type of content, please hit the bell. Like, subscribe, leave a comment. If you have questions. Please, please, please, please ask us questions. Yeah, we love this stuff.

Alyssa Mullins  09:09

Yes. But on that note, thank you guys so much for watching, and we’ll see you next week. Bye.

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