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Today we’re going to be talking about local SEO strategies to boost your business. Number one is to go out and fill up that Google business directory. You may have heard us talk about this in another video. But this really is your best bet to improving your local SEO search value and ranking, the amount of reviews that you have the amount of searches pictures, all of it contributes to being found locally. It also can correspond with your service area pages, and that’s point two on your website, you should have your service offerings for your city and the city next door, and the other cities in your county or other regional areas that you may be servicing. Now, we do recommend to not just copy and paste all the information across and that’s where you can get in trouble with Google. But by creating the service area pages, you can begin to rank for your service company in that other location. And this works for all sorts of niches whether it’s a restaurant delivery, there’s a lot of ways that service area pages can boost your local search rankings. The third and final way is to use the other directories. We know that Google My Business is the biggest directory. But what some people don’t understand is that Google uses your Bing, Yelp, and Apple maps to help inform the accuracy of your listing. When you go in and you make sure that all the information is consistent and accurate across the board. It does improve your search ranking in your local vicinity. If found this content helpful, go ahead and give us a like, subscribe, hit the bell and if you have any questions we would love to help you reach out to us directly. If you go to our website and hit the phone number. You’ll talk to me or one of our team members and we would love to assist you

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