Our Marketing Christmas Wishlist For Social Media Santa!

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Join us as Adam, Alyssa and Preston sing their hopes for the 2022 social media landscape!

No one likes coal in their stockings, so as your Christmas wish lists make their way to the North Pole, we’re sending ours to all of you!

Join us as Adam, Alyssa and Preston sing their hopes for the 2022 social media landscape! We can’t wait to see these platforms grow and continue to do more for all audiences.

Merry Christmas

Happy holidays

We’ll see you in the New Year!!

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Adam Jones  00:00

So Alyssa, my car has been making a bizarre noise. And I thought it might be some door panels. It’s a minivan don’t worry about that. And I figured out, all I had to do is hit the eject button on the CDs. And you know what popped out? Mariah Carey’s Christmas Special.

Alyssa Mullins  00:21

On that note, we’re gonna go over our social media Christmas wish list today.

Adam Jones  00:27

All the things that we’d like to see in the next year and hopefully made by Christmas.

Alyssa Mullins  00:35

Hi, guys, I’m Alyssa. I’m Adam. And this is your weekly social Christmas wish list. You got anything?

Adam Jones  00:41

I’m Adam. And this is your weekly social Christmas wish list. You got anything? Absolutely, absolutely. My favorite thing that I’m really hoping to see, Christmas 2022 is maturity within the platforms. And what I mean by that, more specifically is that Snapchat, we’re kind of seeing this interesting revitalization into it. I would love to see more mapping, if there’s like a nonprofit event or like a no events, right to be able to see hotspot events within your local communities, and be able to bridge those bridges, not only your event coordinators, Snapchat, but then also your crowdsource user data. And so that it’s a little bit more lively, right? Because as we’re getting into 2022, we’re hoping that pass things are over. It’s a new year that people can get out, enjoy, but then we don’t know where to go anymore. And nobody’s really on Facebook, nobody’s doing other things. So then if the platform’s can build more active community that’s what I want for Christmas. Yeah,

Alyssa Mullins  01:45

mine is is that I want to see the different social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter even find more ways to do like fun dynamic in app editing for whatever it is. So you know, and kind of like tick tock for example, I was working on one today you can check that out later. It I got to added like these fun little effects to it that does more than just like transitions and you know, changing the filter on the video and seeing more of that on other platforms that allow small businesses other creators to have the ability to you know, create engaging, interesting, you know, fun content without having to you know, worry about too many other things that you know, other editing things that might get a bit more complicated sometimes. So that’s my that’s my that’s my wish for Christmas.

Adam Jones  02:39

I think that fits like when, especially with tick tock like, their editor is a little bit rough sometimes so mature. With that being said, we’re also gonna have Preston, come on board. Preston,

Preston Snyder  02:52

Merry Christmas.

Adam Jones  02:53

What would you like to see for social media Christmas? 2018? Two?

Preston Snyder  02:57

Yeah, some one of my favorite hot takes if you’ve been the last quarter was when Nyan tick went after meta and kind of the metaverse concepts going around and went after VR. It said, why do we want to build our own new worlds to hide away when we build on top of the worlds we already have with AR augmented reality? Niantic is the company of course responsible for Pokemon GO and latest project to pick them bloom, which are very fun. I would like to see a lot more use of augmented realities, the AR, what are the building blocks, even the marketing space or even outside of that just as a creative space of to build more filters, products experiences? How do we do that with the devices that are attached to our hands, making them kind of extensions of ourselves, and also helping push several concepts for it? Tic TOCs another one that comes to mind that scenario can be expanded. And once again,

Adam Jones  04:00

my charity? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. The social media landscape has been changing actively, as we’ve seen on this show, and others like there have been increasing amount changes, some good, some bad. 2022 is going to be a whole new world of activities. I think the other thing that I’m really hoping for people to begin to realize is that a lot of this is community building. Animal Crossing is a fantastic social media. And other way, Discord, if you haven’t heard or seen discord, there are tons of micro communities that are being built inside of that platform. Is it a social media? It’s not strictly speaking? No, not really. But it does put people in control of building their communities. And that’s a powerful thing. And so as we begin to look at what 2022 looks like how humans interact with each other, it’s gonna be exciting here.

Alyssa Mullins  04:58

Yeah, it’ll be good. Oh, Exciting. And it’ll be fun to see how the different platforms and even maybe new platforms that we don’t even know about yet, come up and grow and do more things. And that that’s kind of like I think our main big final wishes for all the platforms to just continue growing. And, you know, we all learn as they learn, and so it’ll be fun.

Adam Jones  05:22

Thank you so much for being with us the last few months. We are definitely doing this through 2022. And thank you so much for spending time with us. Please do go ahead and subscribe, hit the bell,

Alyssa Mullins  05:32

jingle bell,

Adam Jones  05:34

hit the jingle bell hit the jingle bell. And if you want to tell us what kind of Christmas wishes you have, or what you would like to see in the new year, go ahead and drop us a comment down below and we’d love to have a discussion.

Alyssa Mullins  05:45

Yeah. Alright guys, thank you so much for watching. Listen to us on Spotify to other than that

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