Rosewill Server 4U Chasis Unboxing | RSV-L4500U

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We're finally upgrading our server!!

We’re finally upgrading our server!! We’ve ordered the Rosewill RSV-L4500U to start the process of setting up a 40TB Unraid server for our video editing needs. (PART TWO COMING SOON)

These server cases have been used for homelabs, soho environments, and plex servers – but very few have reviewed this incredible unit… UNTIL NOW!

Rosewill is a manufacturer of a lot of gizmos, gadgets and server grade technology. From add-on cards to the sliding rack systems, they’ve got it all!


Adam Jones  00:00

So today we’re gonna do something super different, we don’t usually share our processes back, we don’t even really get deliveries, kind of a lonely, dark place, area. And these are heavy too. But I wanted to share with you guys a little bit of our process. Because our process is something that a lot of people might not know about. We’re working on a new localized server to try and go through and develop the best thing that we can for our employees and for our people. Now, as a Microsoft partner, we do recommend OneDrive and SharePoint for most everything. But there are times when you just need a localized server, just something on site for the speed. And for our case, a lot of video editing a lot of heavy storage that SharePoint really doesn’t do very well. One of the issues that we run into is we believe in bootstrapping, we bootstrap everything here, including even our HP server that this is going to be replacing. But even then, this unit is going to be cheaper, more effective, easier, I can get this open, go ahead and get a box in a box, you can tell that this is truly an unboxing I can tell you what this is, this is a Roswell server chassis. It’s one of the newer models, but it’ll allow us to have 15 hard drive bays. And with our setup that we’re looking at doing, it is going to be about 40 terabytes of storage. Now, that’s not the end all that’s not the deal. But once again, Bootstrap, there are some turnkey solutions like a jellyfish that have all the bells and whistles. You unbox it, you turn it on, and it’s good to go. And those have hundreds of terabytes like, those things are incredible. We’re not there yet. And so this is our first step, getting to that place. And usually when I do the research for these, I’m a little bit particular. And I found this and I was just excited, and just super jacked for it. Oh, I gotta make sure I don’t stretch table. Okay, so, once again, this is the Roseville l 4500. And it is incredible. Not may servers have the handlebars and handle grips like these, our server setup is a little sub optimal. We don’t have the rails, we don’t have all the other fancy things, but we don’t really need all those fancy things. What we really need is just space. One of the things we’re going to be doing with this comes with Rails two, it was always ruinous for the hard drives to slide into is that we’re going to be using a system called unraid. Now unraid is a way that we can plug multiple hard drives in line with each other. And then they’re able to all just kind of work together really nicely. We do have Microsoft servers because we’re Microsoft partner. But for this instance, Microsoft sometimes has some extra bloat in the server software, they can make these types of file transfers, especially for video editing, a little bit slower for us, unrated fits all the boxes. So we’re excited to get that updated. Get that migrated. If you have questions about this unit, as we’re kind of building and going through, I actually have not found a lot of videos about this unit. So that’s one of the reasons we’re making it. Take care. subscribe see you later.

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