The Best Budget Keyboard & Mouse | Rosewill Neon K51 and Neon M62 Review

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Meet The Best Budget Keyboard And Mouse Combo Currently On The Market!

Meet The Best Budget Keyboard And Mouse Combo Currently On The Market: The Rosewill NEON K51 and NEON M62

Lately the Pullman Marketing Team has been investigating the Rosewill product line. Today Alyssa, our Brand Strategist, reviews what is, in our view – A fabulous Neon K51 Keyboard and Neon M62 Mouse. Join us for a colorful and informative review on this spectacular mouse and keyboard combo set!


Alyssa Mullins  00:00

Hey guys, it’s Alyssa. I am the brand strategist here at Pullman Marketing, and I got a new keyboard! And so I got the Rosewill Neon K51 Keyboard, and you’re gonna watch me as I unbox it. Are you ready? Because I’m not, I’m excited. Okay, don’t cut yourself. I know they say to cut away from you, but that doesn’t always feel the smartest. Because then I’m like, “But I can’t see which way the knife is going!” Maybe that’s just me. We’re doing this right before Christmas. And so it’s like, I get to open a present early, you know? Am I the only one that gets joy from that? BUBBLE WRAP- I’m gonna put this to the side so I can play with it later in the office- don’t mind me. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that this big box right here is going to be the keyboard. And then this- ooo, it’s pretty- is the mouse. I got a new keyboard for the reasons of ergonomics, and also just, we kind of got new desks. So why not spruce up the space a bit with something a bit more pretty, a bit more fun. And then I get to learn, you know what is going to work for me and the way I sit, and the way I type. It didn’t break the bank, and that was really nice. Especially starting out trying to learn about what I personally like in a keyboard, besides having a 10 key- like, “Oh, well what kind of key switches do I like?” Instructions. I’ll look at those later. If you like it super clicky, where it’s like ch-ch-ch-ch, which I don’t like that- then I think it was blue switches, those are going to be the ones for you. So this keyboard has the hybrid switches in them, which, according to another reviewer, and on their website and everything, it actually kind of like mimics that feel and that tactile feel that you get on a mechanical keyboard, but it’s not as loud and clicky. And so people across the room won’t hear me typing away. Oh, that’s right! And it comes with a little like wrist thingy that you can attach and detach if you really want to. The other cool part- and it’s not plugged in so you won’t see it right now- but it has the RGB colors in it so it’ll light up and you can actually do different customizations with it. So this is the keyboard; it plugs in. It’s not wireless, and I did that on purpose. For me, sometimes wireless things are hit or miss with how it connects to everything. And I don’t really want to deal with that struggle. I like this! I really like this keyboard, even when I saw it online. One, because it lights up- RGB, colors, fun. I’m gonna attempt to do that right now. Maybe if I can figure out how electronics work… I love this color blue! That was fun. I like it. Another reason why I chose this keyboard was really just because it has a really nice look to it. And a lot of the other ones I saw online, they were really nice, but they either looked a bit too much like I was a pro gamer, which I’m not; or they had a bunch of like knobs up on the top here that I just didn’t understand the whole purpose for, right? So looking at it, I was like, “This would be a good step up from the keyboard I have now, but also not a like $200, $300, $400 keyboard, $80 keyboard- I don’t know how expensive they can get. In my mind, they can get pretty pricey, right? Especially as you do more customizations and everything like that. And that’s just not where I’m at right now. I just need something that I know that I can do good work on. I got handed some instructions here. So if I want to do the ripple effect, I click the function key. Hold on! Okay, okay. Okay, I’m ready. I LOVE IT! You can do a bunch of other effects with a too! And then YOU can look at all the key shortcuts that I will one day commit to memory, today is not that day. So Rainbow 1: Oh-hohoho! Or Rainbow 2: Which- Oh, okay, so it like, do-do-do-do-do it does that. And I can mess with this like, all day. I really could. The other thing I liked was that it looked like it would be easy to clean because if you’re like me and maybe one day you get Oreos or the salted Carmel Twix, you can actually take the keys off. Maybe. I’m scared because it’s new. Okay, you can take them off, I know you can. So the wrist pad just goes like right under, and it fits real nice right here. And it fits into the feet that are at the bottom of the keyboard. The bottom they’ll fit in right here. And so then you flip it over, it’ll sit, and it’ll fit nicely. It’ll wiggle a little bit, but that’s okay. And then you can just go about and type away with all my typos. Do you hear that? You can hear the click. You can hear the click but it doesn’t sound super obnoxious. Like that. I am so sorry, microphone. I love this, and they are kind of right about the hybrid keys I guess. Like, I do get that like feedback that I need. But like, it’s not super obnoxious. I like how it feels on my fingers. I’m typing nonsense, so don’t read what I’m typing because it’s just nonsense! I love it. It feels great. I can’t wait to use it. Can I look at the mouse? I’m gonna look at the mouse now. I’m gonna look at the mouse. I’m gonna move this over here. So this mouse is their M62. Now do I rip the box? This is the dilemma when they tape things like this. I could rip it and just wreck the box for the rest of the day. Or I could be super nice about it and get me knife. There we go. I’ll be nice about it today. Kind of just gonna tear the box apart. Yikes. Here’s the mouse! Maybe it’s just me, but like these like cords that have- is it like fabric? Oh, no, no, it’s like strips? Braided cords! For these, I really like the feel of them. Because like cords like this just I don’t- I don’t know, that’s a me thing. This is really long. It’s about as tall as me. Wow, this actually fits. So I don’t know how big my hands are- but they’re small, apparently, according to some people. But the way that this fits in my hand is actually really nice. I like the way that my hand kind of like hugs it when I just rest it on there. And that’s fun. That’s not obnoxious either, I like that. And these little grippy things- I like this, this feels nice. And it’s super light too, which works for my old lady wrists; then I’m not like carrying and slamming a mouse everywhere. But it still has it has a decent way to it. It’s not super like to where I feel like I’ll like end up throwing it across the room. Like I know it’ll stay on the desk, you know? So I’m gonna mimic my setup more or less but the space that I have. This is what it’d be like- ooo. So there are different things on this mouse: one it’s really light, two- same thing like the keyboard. It was a good step up from what I have now, right? With the customization, the look, the feel- but also like it didn’t end up breaking the bank. This is a good setup for me, this worked out really well. I love this. Look! Each one’s a different color. Oh, that’s so nice… I might not get any work done. But yeah, overall, this setup is really nice. I like it. I can’t wait to plug it in and get everything situated. Thank you guys so much for watching. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, visit us on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter. And yeah, thanks, guys. Bye!

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