Twitter Bans? How To Avoid Censorship in 2022

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Join Preston and Adam today as they talk through how to actually enjoy Twitter land

Join Preston and Adam today as they talk through how to actually enjoy Twitter land, increase profile visits, increase tweet views and overall engagement outside of the Twitter sphere you have been locked in to.

Here’s everything a marketing manager and social media manager need to know moving forward with all the new changes inside of Twitter. And trust us, even though Twitter is not *the* platform to be on, it can still yield positive results!


Adam Jones  00:00

So Preston What should we do for cold open?

Preston Snyder  00:04

Well, I’m thinking we should probably do something really intelligent to kind of, you know, bring out the topic at hand

Adam Jones  00:10

suspended. Hello, I’m Adam.

Preston Snyder  00:17

I love to talk.

Adam Jones  00:19

Yes, yeah,

Preston Snyder  00:20

I’m Preston.

Adam Jones  00:21

Today we’re going to be talking about Twitter as they are working on a lot of improvements. They do have their new CEO, who has an interesting background, we’re going to talk about that a little bit, kind of the enforcement of block lists and a few other things that they’re doing and pressing, you read up on it, too.

Preston Snyder  00:38

So what Twitter is trying to do is that they they have a search function slash, ability for you to manage your feed, as all social media do. And you can create block keywords, and lists and people to make sure that if you see things that are upsetting to you, or you’re not interested in, you can get rid of them with level of loopholes. So there they’ve been a few people that have found their ways, especially through like events was one of the things that people got in through was that people that you kicked out of your feed have a few ways to slide back again, and Twitter, I imagined through complaints. Like, let’s see if we can just steam out iron out the loopholes that exist on the platform,

Adam Jones  01:24

Facebook, Twitter, etc. They all want to keep you on the platform. And as a marketing manager, like you’re also like, you’re feeding into that system, you’re trying to help people stay on the platform, interact with your brand, do that type of engagement. But ultimately, they’re going to feed people content that they interact with, that are engaging, and ultimately, to a certain extent, level of incitement, right. Like there’s this level of, oh, yeah, we’re gonna always hit this and get excited, or especially if there’s like weird things where like, why is there like, 200 comments on this? Right? Like they, whatever gets the most engagement, tension, comments, likes, shares, etc. Okay, well, that must be engaging topics. Those are usually the ones that can blow up the most and in good ways and bad ways.

Preston Snyder  02:13

Yes. Alternatively, and kind of paralleled that is that as you’re seeing this content that gets shared and viewed and Twitter, building a system to keep people on either customization of the feeds becomes another issue. Twitter has been really good for that Facebook is most notably known for that, which also plays into Instagram. Tik Tok, also is really huge on like, your feed is tailored and curated to you over time. So with Twitter, it’s not only is the content keeping you there is the stuff you’re seeing, even if everything’s not a hit enough that he will keep staying on and encourage you to keep scrolling. Why would I get 15 minutes of your time when I can? Half an hour?

Adam Jones  02:55

Exactly. And so then when we look at the idea of, you know, how do we navigate this, if we are not careful, we are just going to become in our find ourselves in a echo chamber of everyone, the same ideas, the same thoughts. And I see this in the circles that I hop in in terms of search engine optimization, or website design, marketing. There’s a lot of echo chambers, where if I’m trying to see, you know, what are some cutting edge techniques, what are people doing, those are going to be on the outside edge of what Twitter is going to provide to me. And so I have to go out and seek that. And that’s where it really comes into play to avoid that echo chamber and to navigate away from it. Right, because you’re you’re getting away from essentially Twitter censorship.

Preston Snyder  03:43

Yeah. The political sphere, not to get anything specific is really where we see this. And a lot of the echo chamber rhetoric comes from, especially if you are seeing things that go against your inherent bias. Even more so especially the way things are now written and crafted to get that viral content. It’s kind of more exaggerated political news is just hilariously exaggerated to upset you or excite you to a ludicrous, ludicrous degree. And it riles up people to the point where your only option is to create the large fortress of like, I’m never going to leave my echo chamber.

Adam Jones  04:23

And that being said, when we look at navigating through Twitter censorship, because, you know, censorship comes in all forms, whether it’s feeding you specific types of information or feeding you not information, right, there’s there gonna be some prioritization that the platform itself is going to do. That in and of itself is a form of censorship. And what’s fascinating is the new CEO. There’s videos of him doing talks at MIT are locations and saying that, hey, you know, internet speech is free. It is very accessible. Anyone can do it. So Twitter’s you Job moving forward is shaping whose voices get prioritized. And so we’re going to see that shift in that personnel. And we’ve even seen new bands coming through Twitter, we’ve seen new suspensions coming through Twitter, we’ve seen this type of activity, mostly given from complaints. Trying to once again prioritize was conversation. So what we are recommending for everyone in that place is to if you can hop on Twitter spaces, it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s kind of similar to the clubhouse features, but especially if you already have an audience, it’s really easy to harness that audience in it. The other thing is to go and search out new hashtags. If you haven’t been creating your Twitter lists or activate into those, go go make some new Twitter lists. It’s actually really powerful. And lastly, you’ve probably seen this a little bit is go and comment. Yeah, right. Like there’s a lot of people, especially social media managers, and marketing managers who say, Oh, yeah, we just post that doesn’t cut it anymore. And what we’ve seen this a lot for our own personal profiles, but then also our branded account profiles, where if you just go and comment, engage with others, we’re getting hundreds of views, not only on our tweets, but into our profiles and website traffic, just by saying, Hello, hi. That’s interesting. And you don’t have to like, expand, you’ll have to do like a five tweet reply. Please don’t. But if you’re at least engaging with people, outside of your usual Twittersphere, you can get out of that censorship and outside of the normal cycle of that feed.

Preston Snyder  06:42

In a world that has been run amok by very sinister, automated robotic artificial intelligence programs, this is your opportunity to engage and rip back your humanity by liking, commenting, and subscribing.

Adam Jones  06:59

Absolutely. And if you haven’t done that for Home Marketing, we’d love for you to like, comment, subscribe. If you have questions on Twitter, on how to market or do anything, drop it in below. We’d love to have that conversation or feel free to give us a call.

Preston Snyder  07:12

And with all that said, we will see you next time on your weekly social

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