Using GAMING Headphones For Work?! | Corsair HS35 Review

Reading Time: 5 Minutes

The Corsair HS35: Should YOU buy it?

Today, we have a Mystery Unboxing of the Corsair HS35 Gaming Headphones with detachable mic and find out whether the headphones are good in a workplace environment!

The Corsair HS35 (Blue) retails At $34.99 at…


-A pair of custom-tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers deliver excellent sound quality with wide range and reliable accuracy

-A fully detachable unidirectional microphone is optimized for voice quality while reducing ambient noise

-Plush memory foam with adjustable earcups

-On-ear volume and mute controls let you adjust on-the-fly without pulling you away from the game.

-Multi-platform compatible with PC*, Xbox one, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo switch and mobile devices.

*PC and laptop compatibility requires a 4-pole y-splitter (not included)


Kiera Davidson  00:00

Hi guys, it’s Kiera from Pullman Marketing, I’m the Junior Creative here. I’m going to be doing a mystery box review and test! Oooh, I wonder what’s inside? Oh my gosh, it feels very light! Oh, okay. Oh, it looks like headphones. All right. Ooh, a pretty blue color. (Get this out of here.) Whoa- this is so cool! I wonder what it is. Oh, so I guess it’s the Corsair HS35. It retails at $35.99; It’s easy plug-in and play on a PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch and mobile. I guess it has a detachable microphone… Oh, this is the microphone. So, it does have a detachable microphone! It also has one ear volume control and mute buttons. Ooh, they look really good and solid. Whoa, this is so cool. Yes, okay. Put on the mic like this. Oh, I can’t really hear much. Wow, that’s really good. It’s nice, cushy; it feels really comfortable. And it obviously adjusts, so that’s good. Oh, that sounds good! Dang, yeah, that’s really loud, but it’s super nice. And then I just muted it. That’s nice. Let’s try the mute button. Oh, wait, no, that’s for the microphone. Wow, those are nice. I like these a lot. And it’s comfy, too. So, the other things I use that are like headphones or earbuds, I use Beats earbuds so like the Bluetooth ones- the wireless. And these are like way more noise cancelling than those. And I can get kind of irritated with it in my ear you know, and I need something like this that feels really nice. The microphone, the detachable microphone- it seems really cool, I mean, it detaches which is nice. So, if you want to use it, you can use it if you don’t you don’t have to. So, if you’re really loud person…

Peter Taylor  02:22

Let’s test it out!

Kiera Davidson  02:23

Yeah, let’s test it out!

Kiera Davidson  02:49

This is so distracting with all these voices- I kind of hate it. I just probably wouldn’t use it for an office setting.

Peter Taylor  02:53

So, if you’re in your own office, it might be a good solution?

Kiera Davidson  02:58

Yeah. So, you don’t pick up all the noises, and you don’t get distracted. We were testing out the mic when I was back at my desk to see how it’d work if I were on Zoom calls and meetings. But it turns out I need a y splitter in order to do audio and listen and speak. So, I think this is a pretty good headset for the price- like it seems like a pretty decent price for what you get. It’s cool that it’s all adjustable and it’s pretty comfy and lightweight. You get a detachable microphone. So yeah, just the downside would just be the adapter and just plugging in part of it I would say. Well, thank you for watching! Subscribe, like this video, see more review videos of me or other people in the office. So, thank you- bye!

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