What Every Business Owner Needs To Know About SEO

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Search Engine Optimization Made Simple

If you have Googled “What is SEO,” You probably received ads instantly that say something akin to: GET THE MOST GIGA MEGA AWESOME SEO TODAY WITH THIS ONE SIMPLE TRICK! While they may have some good ideas, its good to know what the basics are without getting caught spending money on what we describe as black hat techniques. We believe everyone should have an understanding of what Search Engine Optimization is and make educated decisions on what fits your business best! If you need additional support on leveling up your SEO, you can always reach out to us.


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Today, we’re gonna be talking about search engine optimization, or SEO, search engine optimization is usually anything you do to improve the search slash viability of your product service business. And usually we say that in terms of Google, but that’s kind of a little bit of a misnomer, right? Because there’s more than just Google, there is being there is Yahoo, there is by do, there is duck, duck, go. There’s a lot of search engines. And the number two is YouTube.

The techniques that we use for YouTube optimization is different than a Google optimization. They’re not the same thing. So when we talk about SEO, we’re really just talking about the techniques to help get your content found faster and easier by the end user.

The two ways that we do that specifically for a website is usually your on page, and your off page SEO, your on page SEO is the things inside of your website, like metadata, or links or pictures, alt text, a lot of technical items that can improve Google’s understanding of your site’s content. When we say off page, we’re referring to how the rest of the internet sees your site and interacts with it. And usually, when we look at that, that’s in terms of how other people are backlinking to you, you know, do you have any links from Wikipedia or.gov or.edu, those are considered highly, highly authoritative places, they’re then also recognizing you as an authority in your space in your subject matters.

Google, as we have been able to tell they don’t give us all the secrets is based upon authority and freshness. Is your content authoritative? Is it the right information? Does a dog have agency or even local media agencies say that this is the top restaurant in your local city? If they have a link that goes back to you? That is huge.

Because those entities are considered authoritative. And that authoritative agency is willing to link back to you. That must mean that you’re an authority in your subject matter. The other factor is freshness.

Are you routinely updating your content? Are you creating new content, and that can even be integrated with via your Google Maps.

Google sees that pattern and says, Well, for the best user experience. We’re going to go with the person who is updating the website on a regular basis. If you want to learn more about SEO, feel free to subscribe to learn more, or reach out to us directly. We’d love to have a conversation. Have a wonderful day.


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