What is CRM Marketing?

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Do You Actually Need It? Find Out!

Customer Relationship Management: CRM, The Pinnacle of Software as a Service. Instead of keeping your data, email marketing, form fill systems, etc. in different places, CRMs create a singular place for you to manage your customers, prospects, warm and cold leads. While these systems are pretty fancy and helpful, we typically recommend companies to have a plan and even a designated person with routine duties to manage these.


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Today we’re gonna be talking about Customer Relationship Management Systems, or, CRM.

The main question that everybody has is, “What problem does a CRM actually solve?” They’re heavy, they’re bloated, and some of them are really, really expensive.

The main thing that we like CRMs for is organizing your data.

Especially relating to your clients, your customers, your prospects, and doing that with your employees and your team. And that’s one thing to evaluate if you’re looking at a CRM or not, is do you actually need it? Can you keep everything straight?

Those are types of things that only you know, and your employees might not know. Some common features that CRMs have to help you with that, is not only a categorization of your leads versus your prospects versus your actual customers, but also usually a form builder, some email marketing. But then keenly, they have notes: If somebody has done a phone call to that customer, if somebody has emailed them, and they replied, or if there’s an issue or some support that needs to occur; all of that gets logged into your CRM.

Now, Employee A and Employee B are on the same track when they look at Larry or Bob’s records.

Now if Employee A or B ever leave, Employee C, when you hire them, are able to come in and see those notes and get a really good jump on the customer relationship and what needs to be done next.

Advanced features that CRMs have are related to lead scoring and social media attachments/adjustments/automations; even retargeting and remarketing.

So if somebody has been to your website a bunch of times, they’ve read your articles- we can just go and start advertising right away to a known customer, or someone who we’re expecting to purchase very, very soon.

Now if you Google around for CRM a little bit, you’ll see HubSpot, Keap (which is a formerly Infusionsoft), Salesforce is a really, really big one, and even Sharpspring, which is kind of a newer one. But these types of systems can be really costly. For example, HubSpot is at like $200-$300 a month per user, but they also have a free version that can work for most use cases.

But if you really want to go into the sales side of their platform, then they’re getting start charging even more money. So it’s really good to read all the fine details before you get into a contract. If you have more questions or you want to learn more about CRMs, we’re gonna be doing a series on these. So click, follow, like, subscribe, hit the bell, and we’ll notify you of our upcoming videos!


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