Email Marketing, Explained

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Is email marketing important? You betcha!

The exact keyword, “Email Marketing” is searched nearly 20,000 times each month and people are bidding $50 per click to advertise at the #1 position.

In this new series all about marketing, learn the basics of what email and email marketing are to devise the next steps in your marketing strategy!

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Hello, I’m Adam with Pullman Marketing. And today we’re going to be talking about email marketing. Now, before we get too deep into the weeds, we do have to talk about some basics. So, email service providers, ESP, there are three different types. One is your free public domain, like your Gmail, your Live, your Hotmail, your Yahoo, your AOL; those are free and available and problematic and we’ll talk about that. And then you also have your shared email services. So like if you have cPanel or other things, you can create in theory an unlimited amount of inboxes. Those are problematic too. And even GoDaddy has been moving away from their hosted platform for those in favor of your cloud hosted services, like your Google workspace, formerly GSuite, and your Office 365. Protonmail and Zoho also have offerings. And I believe iCloud is, at the time of this video, working towards pushing those features out as well. So now you can have And that’s what we like. And all these do the same thing, really- Inbox, Send, Receive- they all do the same thing. But there’s pros and cons. When you’re using a free public domain account, typically, it’s And that can be a little bit sketchy. That, and if you’re sending sales things, those will hit spam filters pretty actively, and your providers are actively reading your email, and data harvesting out of that. Now G Suite/Workspace has had a couple lawsuits for that even on their paid services. So it is kind of an issue and a problem. When we look at the cPanel ones, because so many spammers use them, typically, those emails will land in your spam. And honestly, depending on your price point, your budgets and your needs, Office 365 is $2 a month per inbox, compared to Google, which is $6 a month. It’s pretty affordable. And that’s something that we really should be looking into. Now, these aren’t necessarily used for email marketing, but they are good to know and good to understand. That being said, then how do we do it? We use Email Marketing Service Providers, providers like your MailChimp, your Constant Contact, Active Campaign; they all help facilitate this. And they facilitate the two primary kinds of email marketing, the first one being transactional, and the other one being direct. Transactional emails are like when you have an account confirmation, or password recovery or shipment update, order confirmation, administrative notification. Those are all transactional- they have a trigger, they’re a part of an automatic system. When we look at direct mail, that’s probably the one you’ve been thinking about most. That’s your promos, your advertisements, your specials, your coupons, your newsletters. Those are your direct emails, and MailChimp and others, they provide you statistics of who opened them, who clicked the link, what links did they click- it’s really pretty powerful. And then you’re able to segment and do even better. At Pullman Marketing. We do recommend SendX and Sharpspring currently as our primary email providers, and at that point, it does get a little bit more complicated and we’re here to help with that. If you go visit we have guides, how-to list build, how to avoid the spam box, and how to even write emails quickly and effectively. Email marketing has some of the highest return on investment and even some statistics have said that Millennials who are the primary spenders in our economy right now- they buy more from email marketing than they do from social media marketing. And so that’s really, really cool and really, really powerful, and it should be a part of your normal strategy. Now, if you found this video interesting, please give us a like, hit the bell, subscribe, do all those fancy things so that we can keep making content for you, and have fun with marketing!

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